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Canva Jamboard Background

Try designing your backgrounds for Google Jamboard in Canva. Canva Jamboard Backgrounds are easy and make your Jams really Jam!

Folder Downloader

Google Drive Folder Downloader. Download your files from Drive. Export as PDFs if you choose. Locate the download folder on your Chromebook.

How to Make a Word Search

For fun! Word Searches can be a fun thing for students to do on a rainy recess or after they have finished their work. Here is how to MAKE a word search.

Ditch Summit: A FREE online conference for educators

Binge on FREE #DitchSummit video presentations in December What if you had access to a sort of Netflix for really good online professional development? You know, not boring videos of stuff that you’ll never use, but practical ideas. Inspiration. Plug and play activities you can use in class tomorrow. And from speakers you KNOW you’ll love to listen to. free… Read More »Ditch Summit: A FREE online conference for educators

Google Jamboard: Bring It UP

A key element of Google Jamboard is the ability to add sticky notes to share ideas. However, layers in Jamboard will hide content. Knowing how to alternate what order elements on the Jam are in provides a better Jamboard experience. Google Jamboard Move Up elements.