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Jamboard: Add a Background from Canva

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Alexes Terry of Twisted Teaching shares in this YouTube video how to create custom backgrounds for Jamboard using Canva. Presentation Template Use the Presentation Template that is 1920 by 1080 pixels. This gives you the right dimensions for Jamboard. Make a Background for Jamboard Do you love using Jamboard with your students but tired of the boring backgrounds? Are you… Read More »Jamboard: Add a Background from Canva

Chrome: Modify the QR Code

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Google Chrome has a new feature to allow you to create a QR code right from the Omnibox (address bar). Quick and easy! Notice the icon of 4 squares with a broken square around them. Click on this to generate the QR code. Force a Copy I create a lot of Google documents where I want to share a template.… Read More »Chrome: Modify the QR Code

QR Code in Google Chrome

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Update your Google Chrome to find the QR code option in the address bar. This is NOT an extension. This is part of the update in Google Chrome. 3 Dots in the Chrome Browser In Google Chrome go to the 3 dots menu in the upper right of your browser. Go down to Settings. In the settings type “update” at… Read More »QR Code in Google Chrome

Make Badges with Google Apps

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Gamification Works!! We know when we gamify activities it increases student engagement and increased engagement increases student learning. In my webinar today I went over how to create digital badges using Google Slides and Google Drawings. Make Badges in Google Slides I have created a template in Google Slides to help you to quickly create digital badges. Create a copy… Read More »Make Badges with Google Apps

Progress Report Maker by Alice Keeler

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The answer is always a spreadsheet! The question is how can I show my students’ missing scores and progress reports from Google Classroom?

Shut the Box Game – Google Slides

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If you are looking for something fun for your students to do during class time try the Shut the Box game. Traditionally this game is played with 2 players, a pair of dice, and 9 tiles. To play this virtually, or digitally, try my Google Slides version. Template Objective The objective of the shut the box game is to remove… Read More »Shut the Box Game – Google Slides