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Gmail TIP: Copy Email from Sender

When using Gmail here is the trick to more easily capture the email address of someone either from a received message, a previously sent message, or a new message.
Gmail TIP: Copy Email from Sender

I find often that I want to get someone’s email who has emailed me. I want JUST the email and not <their name>. Gmail has a hidden feature to make this much easier than the clunky way of highlighting to copy and paste. If you want to know how to copy email from sender in Gmail or from an email you sent previously, here is how:

Hover Over The Name

Where you find the person in Gmail, you want to hover over their name to get the contact card to pop up. Notice in the contact card it shows their email address.

Hover Over the Email

On the contact card, hover over the email address.

Hovering over the email reveals a copy icon.

Screenshot of contact card in Gmail. Hovering over the email shows a copy icon

Instead of manually highlighting the email, which I did for many years, if you hover over the email a copy icon will appear. Simply click on this copy icon to copy it to your clipboard.

From a Sent Email

Perhaps I have emailed someone previously and want to get their email address. After locating the email and opening it I can see the name of who the sender was. However, this does not show the email. There is a small drop down arrow to expand to see the details of the recipient(s). Click on this.

Hover Over Email & Contact Card

Looking at the sent email and using the drop down to reveal details about that email you can hover over the email which will show the contact card for that email. Again, hover over the email in the contact card and this will reveal

screenshot of gmail email hover over email in contact card

From a New Message

Sometimes I have pasted a whole bunch of emails into a new message but want to copy the email address of one person from the message. The hover trick still works. The key is to make that copy icon show up next to the email address so you can simply click to copy it to your clipboard.

In a new gmail message, hovering over the email to produces the link cord to find the copy icon.

How to Copy Email from Sender in Gmail

  • Locate an email in Gmail
  • Hover over the email
  • Wait for the contact card to appear
  • Hover over the email on the contact card
  • Click on copy icon that will appear

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