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Google Classroom requires that I use my Google Apps domain. This is also true for my students. I usually am logged into my personal account. My older students frequently use their personal accounts also. The dilemma is how to access your Google Classroom assignments when you are not logged into your Google Apps account.

Classroom Folder

In Google Drive for your Google Apps domain you should have a folder that says “Classroom.” The students also have a “Classroom” folder in their Google Drive.



Google Classroom folder


Share the Folder

The Classroom folder can be shared with personal accounts so long as this has not been restricted by the domain manager. Sharing the folder with myself allows me to access the students work through my personal account. Students sharing the folder with themselves allows them to access their assignments even when logged into their personal accounts.


On the left hand side of Google Drive identify the Classroom folder. Right click on the folder and choose “Share…”
Share Folder


Alternatively, you can locate the folder in Google Drive and single click on the folder to reveal options in the toolbar. Click on the share icon in the toolbar to share the folder.
Classroom folder share

Personal Email

Share the folder with the gmail addresses you use outside of the Google Apps domain. Give yourself edit access so you can still edit the documents or make comments.


You will be prompted as to if you are sure that you want to share outside of the domain, select “Yes.”
Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 6.22.48 AM


In your personal account you are able to find the shared folder under “Incoming” on the left hand side. Click on Incoming and locate the shared Classroom folder.


Hover over the shared Classroom folder and 3 icons are revealed on the right hand side.

Add to My Drive

The middle icon is to “Add to My Drive.” Click on this to add it to the folder structure in your “My Drive.” From now on all of your Google Classroom documents from your Google Apps account are now accessible from your personal account. Students would follow the same steps to allow them to access their documents from their personal accounts.


Once the Classroom folder is shared any new assignments created in Google Classroom will automatically be accessible in the personal account. Since new assignments are created in a subfolder of the Classroom folder, those are automatically shared when created. No additional steps are needed.

Share with Parents

One thing I like about Google Classroom is that it is a closed environment and this protects the privacy of my students. Unfortunately this means that parents can not access Google Classroom. I am a big fan of transparency with parents in my class, however, parents should not be seeing the comments and work of other students.


In the same process for sharing with themselves, students can share the Google Classroom folder with their parent. This gives the parent access to all of the students work done in Google Classroom. Parents would simply go to their Google Drive and locate the shared Classroom folder to see their child’s work.

Single Class

If you have multiple classes, or a student has multiple classes, they may not want to share all of the Google Classroom folders. When logging into Google Classroom and viewing the class tiles, a link to the specific classroom folder is available in the bottom right hand corner. Click on the folder icon to be directed to the folder in Google Drive. This class folder can be shared with the personal account (if the domain manager allows sharing outside of the domain).
Google Classroom Folder

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