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Make Tabs FAST in Google Sheets

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Install Add-on TemplateTab TemplateTab is a Google Sheets Add-on that allows you to duplicate a graphic organizer within a spreadsheet for every student on your roster. Hack TemplateTab Hack TemplateTab to simply create a lot of tabs quickly. Add-on Menu After installing TemplateTab you will find it permanently installed in the Add-on menu. Meaning it is available in any spreadsheet.… Read More »Make Tabs FAST in Google Sheets

Voice Type Your Math

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EquatIO works with Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Jamboard, and more to add math to these products. It is FREE for teachers. You will need to install the Chrome extension and fill out the form to make your free trial into a free premium subscription. You can VERBALLY type your math! Voice Typing There are so many amazing features of… Read More »Voice Type Your Math

Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Drive: Keyboard Shortcuts

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One of the most effective things you can do to become better at using the computer is to learn keyboard shortcuts. Learn one a week!! I use keyboard shortcuts in Google Drive ALL THE TIME! P to Preview It’s a toss up between P and N for which Drive shortcut I use the most. P is PREVIEW!!! Single click on… Read More »Google Drive: Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Slides: Roster to Slides

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Take your roster of student names and assign them a slide in Google Slides. Each students name will appear on a slide in the newly created Google Slides. The Template Unofficial Add-on alicekeeler.com/rostertoslides is an unofficial Add-on for Google Sheets. Make a copy of the template and use the Add-on menu to choose “Roster to Slides.” You will need to… Read More »Google Slides: Roster to Slides

Make a Student Answer Sheet

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See all student responses to multiple questions in one place! A Google Sheets spreadsheet is a document. If you can do it in a Google Text Document you can probably also do it in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. I like to say “The Answer is Always a Spreadsheet.” Incorporating spreadsheets into your class provides students with a valuable life skill.… Read More »Make a Student Answer Sheet