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Thermometer Goal Setting Template

Need a thermometer to track fundraising goal setting? Alice Keeler has a Google Sheets template that you can provide per student to help them keep track of their goals. Thermometer Goal Setting Template
Thermometer Goal Setting Template

Are you spearheading a fundraising event and looking for a dynamic way to monitor your progress? Discover the convenience of digital tracking with my specially designed Google Sheets Thermometer Goal Setting Template. This fun template allows you to visually chart your journey towards your goal, making it perfect for educational settings.

Get Started with the Thermometer Goal Setting Template

Embark on your goal-setting journey by accessing my Thermometer Goal Setting Template. This digital tool transforms your fundraising target into a visually engaging thermometer chart. With clear indicators from 10% to 100%, you can vividly track your progress towards your goal.

AI generated image of thermometer in the classroom

Simplify Goal Setting

Setting your target is a breeze. Just input your objective figure in cell C10 of the Thermometer Goal Setting Template. Watch as cell D2 automatically updates, displaying the total amount gathered towards your goal, ensuring a transparent and motivating tracking process.

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Seamlessly Track Your Progress

Navigate to the second tab, aptly named ‘Tracking’, to meticulously list and monitor your progress. The Thermometer Goal Setting Template is intuitively designed to sum up your contributions in column B automatically. As your fundraiser flourishes and you accumulate more funds, the template keeps a precise tally, simplifying your tracking tasks.

Screenshot of google sheets 2nd tab tracking
Screenshot of view menu in Google Sheets for the hidden sheet not money
Remember to input your goal on the primary Thermometer tab first, then switch to the 'Not Money' tab for a dollar-free display, ensuring consistency in your total goal figures.

Tailor-made for Fundraisers

This template is expertly tailored for financial targets, ideal for events like jog-a-thons or other fundraisers. However, it’s versatile! If your goal is non-monetary, like tracking pages read, simply access the hidden ‘Not Money’ sheet. This variant is formatted without the dollar signs, accommodating a variety of objectives. 

10 Reasons to Use a Thermometer Goal Setting Template in Your Classroom

When it comes to bringing a classroom together to achieve a common goal, visual tools can be incredibly effective. A Thermometer Goal Setting Template is a classic and powerful visual aid that can drive motivation and participation in activities such as fundraisers. Here are ten compelling reasons why incorporating a thermometer template into your classroom can make a significant difference.

Ai Generated classroom thermometer

1. Visual Motivation

The thermometer graphic acts as a dynamic indicator of your class’s progress. Watching the red line rise as contributions increase provides a strong visual stimulus, pushing students and teachers alike to strive toward the finish line.

2. Simple Tracking

With a Thermometer Goal Setting Template, keeping tabs on the fundraising journey is straightforward. It depicts in real-time how much has been raised, and how much more is needed to hit the target.

3. Goal Setting

This template isn’t just a tracker; it’s a goal setter. It allows for clear milestones to be established, and with each milestone reached, it gives everyone a sense of achievement that propels them to the next.

4. Inclusive Participation

Every student can see the impact of their contribution, no matter the size. This inclusive visual aid ensures that everyone feels they have a stake in the success of the fundraiser.

5. Educational Tool

Turn goal setting into a learning opportunity. The Thermometer Goal Setting Template can be a practical lesson in mathematics and data interpretation, teaching valuable skills in a fun and interactive manner.

6. Enhance Teamwork

There’s nothing like a common goal to bring people together. The thermometer template fosters a sense of unity and teamwork, as filling it up becomes a collaborative effort.

7. Instant Feedback

In our fast-paced world, immediate feedback is key. The thermometer offers instant visual feedback on the efforts of the class, keeping the energy and motivation high.

8. Customizable

Every class is different, and so is every goal. The versatility of a Thermometer Goal Setting Template means it can be tailored to suit any project or target that your class takes on.

9. Foster Creativity

Encourage your students to add a personal touch to the template. Customizing and decorating the thermometer can turn it into a work of art, as well as a functional tool.

10. Communication Tool

A Thermometer Goal Setting Template is a straightforward way to communicate progress to parents, school staff, and the wider community. It provides a transparent and engaging update on the class’s achievements and ambitions.

Incorporating a Thermometer Goal Setting Template into your educational toolkit is more than just a way to track progress; it’s a means to engage, educate, and excite your students about working together towards a common goal.

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