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Do You Use ChatGPT? Try My Formatting Add-on

If you use ChatGPT you may need some help with formatting when you paste into Google Docs. Formatting ChatGPT is fast when you use my Add-on for formatting Google Docs, specifically for markup from ChatGPT.
Do You Use ChatGPT? Try My Formatting Add-on

Format your Google Doc with my Add-on “Remove Blank Lines by Alice Keeler.” Formatting ChatGPT export is easy when you use Google Docs extensions. As a Google Developer Expert, I enjoy creating solutions for Google Docs that will help you to be more productive.

Formatting ChatGPT

After using ChatGPT to create something you may want to export it to a Google Doc. Use the clipboard icon to copy the content from ChatGPT.

Start a new Google Doc at docs.new.

Control V to paste.

ChatGPT Pastes in Markup

You will notice that the content is in markup. The headings have ### and the **bolded** text is surrounded by asterisks. What a pain to clean this up!

Remove Blank Lines by AliceKeeler

Use the Extensions menu to select “Remove Blank Lines by AliceKeeler.” This gives you the option to choose different ways to quickly format your Google Doc. Between each paragraph ChatGPT has a blank paragraph. Personally, I prefer to use the Google Doc settings of adding a space after the paragraph, so I use “Remove Blank Paragraphs” to clean this up in the Google Doc. Quickly transform the **bold** text back to bold. The hashtags ## indicate the level of heading. Swap those to headings quickly by using the extension.

En Español

Ahora, para aquellos de ustedes que hablan español y usan ChatGPT, la extensión está disponible en español. Utilice la opción Español para ver las opciones del menú en español.

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