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En Español – Add a Date to Google Slides

Want to show when you last edited or presented a Google Slides presentation? Use the Add-a-Date Add-on by Alice Keeler. You can now add the date in Spanish if you wish! Google Slides Date Spanish
Add a date add on

En Español – Add a Date to Google Slides

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A feature in PowerPoint is for the date to be added to the slide when you open the PowerPoint. I was asked to do this for Google Slides. I do not have it do it automatically, you need to use the Add-on menu to swap out the date stamp. However, in some other countries, the style of adding the date is different. I have updated my Add-on “Add-a-Date” to include a Spanish version.

Why Add a Date?

The Add-a-Date Add-on adds a textbox to the first slide with the current date and time. You can use this to show when you presented it or when you made major edits. This allows those who do not have access to the version history to know when it was last updated.

Add-ons Menu

Use the Add-ons menu to select “Add a Date.”

Add-ons menu select Add a Date and then Add Date.

Google Slides Date Spanish

Textbox on the Slide

Adding the date will put a textbox on the slide.

Update Manually

The version history in Google Slides will show each time you have made any edits on the slides. This is done automatically.

Add-a-Date Add-on updates manually.

You control when the date on the first slide is updated. Since Add-a-Date is an Add-on, it is available in the Add-ons menu of all your Google Slides. This makes it easy to simply go back to the Add-ons menu and select “Add a Date.”

Textbox Replaced

When you use the Add-a-Date Add-on a second time it will delete the original textbox and place a new textbox. Unfortunately, if you formatted the textbox the updated version will not match. Since it is a textbox you can change the font size, color, and move the textbox around.

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In Spanish

I work with schools in South America and had a request to add an option for the date to be in Spanish! This took a little trial and error but we got it to work (Thanks Gaby!)

Google Slides Date Spanish. Domingo, 13 de febrero de 2022 at the top of the Google Slide

En Español

Use the option “Español” to place the date in Spanish. Works exactly the same but in Spanish. LISTO!!

Google Slides Date Spanish

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