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Submitting Photos to Google Classroom

google classroom submit photos alice keeler
Submitting Photos to Google Classroom
google classroom submit photos alice keeler

Have Students Use their Webcam to Submit Work

As Jon Corippo says “Everything is digital when you can take a picture of it.” You can submit anything to Google Classroom. However, I would like to propose a hack. When students submit photos as an “Add” you have to open the photos individually and it can be challenging to provide collaborative feedback on the photos. When giving feedback I look for opportunities for it to be a conversation.

Use Google Slides

I’m starting to be convinced that Google Slides is the answer to teaching! (not literally) Slides are so awesome! They are basically a blank piece of paper that is designed for collaboration and interaction! When doing digital work students can take screenshots. When doing non digital work students can take pictures using the webcam or a mobile device to add pictures to Google Slides.

Add Google Slides to the assignment

From mobile students click on “Add attachment” and can choose “New Slides” from the list of options.
On Mobile add new slides

From a Chromebook or laptop, students click on the “Create” button and choose “Slides.”
Add slides to Google Classroom

Add Webcam

Using the insert image option students can choose to insert via camera.
Insert via camera

Insert via camera

Add a Textbox

Google Slides are multi-media! In addition to a picture or screenshot of their work, students can add a textbox. This allows them to explain and reflect on their work.
Add a textbox to explain what is happening

Add a Video

Using the Webcam Record Chrome extension students can upload a video from the webcam straight to Google Drive and insert into Google Slides. Mobile users can save their videos to Google Drive. However, videos from Drive cannot be inserted via the Google Slides app.

Add Multiple Slides

Google Slides allows students to add multiple slides to document their work. This allows for a more cohesive submission of images. The pictures are organized in the order the student wishes to share them with you. There is only one file to open (one Google Slides) instead of multiple photo files. Students can provide a timeline approach to showing you start to finish their journey of work.

Group Work

True collaborating is good for learning. Students can share one Google Slides and each shows their contribution of work to the collaborative task. Fun tip: Have students add a selfie to the slides which are showing their contributions for the day.

Adding Feedback

Inserting feedback comments is easy in Google Slides. Use the commenting features built right in. I suggest the keyboard shortcut Control Alt M to insert the comment and Control Enter to save the comment.
Add a feedback comment to the slides

Comments are Conversations

What is significant about G Suite and Google Apps is that comments are not comments, they are CONVERSATIONS which are really powerful for learning. Students can REPLY back to the comments. (note: make sure you have returned the student’s work first otherwise comments are invisible in the doc.) I ask that students, after making updates, give me a heads up in the Private Comments to let me know they would like me to review their updates.

Add Additional Slides

Another way to leave a student feedback is to add additional slides to the student’s slides. Sketch out something on paper and hold it up to the webcam. Insert a textbox. Add a webcam video with feedback.

Insert Shapes

Adding shapes to Google Slides allows you to point at different elements of student work.

Add shapes to Google Slides

Shapes are also a textbox! Draw the shape and immediately start typing.
Add a shape for feedback

Release the Grade After Responding to Feedback

Tip: To maximize your efforts when leaving students feedback do not release the grade until they have responded to the feedback.

Ask Students to Add Additional Slides

In response to your feedback students can add additional slides to demonstrate their understanding or additional work after feedback. Slides can be an ongoing record of student work over a period of time.

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