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feedback in google slides

Comment on Specific Text in Google Slides

Google Slides now allows you to make comments on specific parts of a text on a slide rather than the whole text box. Highlight a word or phrase within a textbox and add a comment just on that word or phrase.
Comment on a Word


Specific feedback that is actionable is highly effective for learning. I love to use Google Slides to have students share their learning, especially using a SINGLE Google Slides presentation with all students on the same Google Slides. Like in Google Docs you can insert feedback notes to the side of the document. However, until now you could only give those feedback comments on the entire textbox. You can now select a portion of the text and add a feedback comment just like you could in Google Docs. I use the keyboard shortcut Control Alt M to insert a comment and Control Enter to save it.
control alt m

Do Not Use Google Docs

Of course I use Google text Docs, but I would like to challenge you that oftentimes Google Slides is a superior medium for what we are asking students to do in a Google text document. Slides are multi-media. Each slide has a unique URL that allows students to link you directly to the part of their work they want you to review. Essay writing I would do in a Google Doc, but other than that…. probably you want to use Google Slides (or Forms, Forms are awesome.) My only hesitation up until now about saying USE GOOGLE SLIDES INSTEAD was the lack of ability to comment on specific parts of a text. Now that this feature has come to Slides…. USE GOOGLE SLIDES!


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