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Vocabulary Sort with Google Slides

Sort vocabulary words in Google Slides with this Free Add-on to take your list from Google Docs to individual text boxes in Google Slides.
Vocabulary Sort in Google Slides
Vocabulary Sort with Google Slides
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Finding connections between items can be a critical thinking task. Try using Google Slides to have students move and arrange vocab words or ideas into groups and explain how they are related. Hack the Google Docs Add-on Seating Chart Slides by Schoolytics to easily create these interactive templates for students.

This Add-on collects NO user data. You are only giving yourself access to your own files. Collects NO PII.

Google Docs Add-on

Start by making a list of the vocabulary words or ideas into a Google Doc. Be sure to use the ENTER key to separate each vocabulary word. It is the pressing of the Enter key that creates a separate entry for this task.

Enter Key

Add-on Menu

Use the Add-on menu to choose “Seating Chart Slides by Schoolytics.” What this Add-on does is takes each paragraph (name, vocabulary word) in the Google Doc and creates a text box for each on a single slide in Google Slides.

Pop Up Google Slides

Make sure you have your pop-ups enabled. The Google Slides will open in a new tab. If you do not have pop-ups turned on, you will find the Slides in Google Drive.

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Google Slides Textboxes

Magically each word or paragraph will be in a textbox that is draggable.

Select All

Use Control A to select all of the textboxes. This will allow you to change the font type, color, fill color, etc…


This Add-on was sponsored by Schoolytics. I (Alice Keeler) personally coded this Add-on. I work part time as a high school math teacher and part time as a coder developer for Schoolytics.

Schoolytics is free for teachers! Google Classroom users (and soon Canvas LMS users) can gain insights into student performance. Download FREE progress reports and missing assignments reports. Easily reuse assignments back to Google Classroom with the Content Library. Want to learn more? Schedule a teacher workshop with Anna.

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