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Reuse Google Classroom Assignments from Last Year

Options for reusing assignments from last year in Google Classroom
Reuse Google Classroom Assignments from Last Year

[tweet]DO NOT COPY YOUR ENTIRE CLASS… please.[/tweet] Using the “Copy class” option in Google Classroom copies EVERYTHING… all your photos, videos, screenshots, student collaboration documents, directions documents…. things you definitely do NOT need a copy of. Also, your class this year will be BETTER than your class last year, you have some new ideas and modifications on what you did last year.

Options for Reusing Assignments

Reuse Post in Google Classroom

You can reuse assignments from archived classes! Go to the Classwork page and use the Create button to choose “Reuse post.” Select last years class as the class you wish to reuse from.

Create button reuse post

DO NOT copy attachments

“Attachments” in Google Classroom is not an accurate name. They are links to files in Google Drive. [tweet]When you copy an “attachment” it duplicates the file in your Google Drive and makes a giant mess.[/tweet] How many files do you want with the same name?

Do not check the checkbox for create new copies of all attachments

You can only select one assignment at a time. When you choose “Reuse” a copy of the assignment is created in your current class and opens to the edit screen to allow you to update from last year.

Reuse GC by Alice Keeler

This is an unofficial Add-on, I have not attempted to submit it to Google. You will get a warning that it has not been approved by Google. It collects NO personal information and you are only authorizing YOURSELF access to your own files.

This is a Google Sheets spreadsheet. I use this as the hub for each of my Google Classroom classes. It will, amongst other things, allow you to reuse more than one assignment from Google Classroom at a time. And best part, it does NOT copy your attachments.

Use the Add-ons menu to choose Reuse GC. Show the Sidebar.

Import your classes, set the current class, and go to assignments.

Import the class assignments and then reuse assignments.

Select the class you wish to reuse from. Wait for the assignments to be imported.

Checkbox as many assignments at a time that you want to reuse.

Select “Reuse Assignments” to push them as draft (or push live) to your Google Classroom class.

Content Library in Schoolytics

I have over the years been coding applications for Google Workspace Apps and Google Classroom (see above). I am now working part time for Schoolytics to develop applications. Expect to start seeing some of my previous projects I’ve coded to start showing up as features in Schoolytics.

One thing that Schoolytics does is to offer a Content Library to make it easier to push assignments to your Google Classroom class. The Content Library is in BETA. It currently allows you to find Khan Academy assignments as well as your own assignments to push into your current class.

Coming soon will be assignment content from other sources.

Assignment tiles to reuse to Google Classroom.

To reuse assignments from your own courses you will need to make sure that your previous course is not archived and is selected as one of the 10 courses you’re using in Schoolytics. (Note: schoolwide accounts allow for unlimited classes.)

Use the 3 lines menu in the upper left to go to the Content Library. This will show you all your assignments for your selected classes.


  • Can see the full title.
  • Can see the full description before reusing.
  • Provides engagement data.
  • Click “Add to Classroom” to reuse to current class.
  • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RE-SCROLL through all the assignments to reuse the next one.

New Features

Expect lots of new features to be coming for Schoolytics Content Library. Hopefully we will be able to get you the ability to assign to groups, suggest assignments based on what you did last year, and provide more free content for you to choose from.

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