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Magically Convert Google Docs to Slides

Like magic take any of your Google Docs and convert them to Google Slides!! This is going to be your new favorite Google Add-on.

Doc to Slides by Alice Keeler

Alice Keeler coded this Add-on FREE for teachers (and everyone.) This is an Add-on for Google Slides. It does one simple thing. Takes the text out of your Google Doc and super fast turns it into Google Slides.


How Doc to Slides by Alice Keeler works is to take each paragraph in any of your Google Docs and sends each paragraph to it’s own slide.

A paragraph is defined by a hard carriage return.

Every time you hit the enter key in the Google Doc a new paragraph is created.

Add-on Menu

Open any Google Doc in Google Drive and select Doc to Slides from the Add-ons menu. Select “Show Sidebar.”

Create Google Slides

It is one click of a button to convert your Google Doc into Google Slides. Simply click “Create Google Slides” and a new Google Slides will be created with each paragraph on a slide.

Collects No User Data

I (Alice Keeler) personally coded this Add-on and you can read my privacy policy here: https://alicekeeler.com/privacy-policy When authorizing the Add-on you are only authorizing YOURSELF access to your own Google Doc and Slides. No information passes through my servers. I have no access to who installs the Add-on. I have no access to any user files.

More Options

By default the Create Google Slides option creates a slide with the “Section Header” layout. Notice the other 2 buttons in the sidebar to select a different layout.

Roster to Slides

The Roster to Slides option assumes you have pasted a list of your student names into the Google Doc. Clicking “Assign a Slide” will create a new Google Slides that uses the caption layout. This puts the students name in the bottom left corner of the slides to essentially assign them each a slide.

Speaker Notes

The Speaker Notes option sends each paragraph in the Google Doc to the speaker notes in Google Slides. Personally, I am very picky about having too many words on a presentation slide. In fact, I prefer zero words. It would be faster for me to type up what I want to say in a Google Doc and then use the “Create Speaker Notes” button to send to a Google Slides so I know what I want to say and then design the slide around the note.

Change the Layout

While the default layout in Google Slides is Section Header you can easily change this in bulk. On the left hand side is the filmstrip. This is the small thumbnails of each slide. Use Control A to select all the slides and then in the toolbar click on “Layout” to switch the layout.

Design the Layout

Use the View menu to select “Theme builder.” This will allow you to, in mass, change the font size and color. Add images or other design details.

Pre Created Google Slides

If you already have Google Slides that you want to add to, paste the link to the Slides into the input box in the sidebar. The slide for each paragraph will be appended to the bottom of the Google Slides presentation.

Note that this does not work for the Roster to Slides or the Speaker Notes option. Copy paste the created slides into an existing Slides presentation if needed.

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