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Teachers, Get Your Google Drive Sorted!

There are new ways to show folders in Google Drive. Use this new feature to help you access your files more quickly.
Show folders in Google Drive
Teachers, Get Your Google Drive Sorted!

Google Drive allows me to access any of my files anywhere. My goal is to “get it in Drive.” But let’s be honest, sometimes it’s a hot mess. Who hasn’t played ‘Where’s Waldo?’ with their files? Organizing files into folders is helpful but then you have so many folders it’s hard to find our files past the folders.

Show Folders in Google Drive

In my Google Drive I have a long list of folders. This is oftentimes helpful, but there are other times the folders are in the way. You now have some control over how to show folders in Google Drive.

3 Dots

There are now 3 dots in the column headers, on the far right. These 3 dots allow you to choose if your folders are shown “On top” or “Mixed with files.”

Screenshot of Google Drive showing a list of folders. Upper right of the list shows 3 dots that when expanded shows "on top" and "Mixed with files"

Mix it Up

Typically, I stick to the default setting of “On top” to keep things straightforward. But there are times when I’m diving deep into my Drive and the “Mixed with files” option is a lifesaver for decluttering and quickly accessing specific files. I’ll temporarily switch to this setting to make my search easier, and then revert back to “On top” once I’ve found what I’m looking for.

Save Time

Every educator knows that time is a finite resource. Between grading, lesson planning, and actual teaching time, every second counts. This new sorting feature isn’t just about having a neat Drive; it’s about efficiency. It’s about cutting down the minutes (or hours) spent digging through files so you can allocate that time where it really matters: engaging with your students.

2 thoughts on “Teachers, Get Your Google Drive Sorted!

  1. Ooooh, keeping Drive organized is an ongoing challenge & these new search/sort features helps! I know keeping it organized is easier if I take 2 seconds to label/organize as I create & use files, but like you said – time is finite!
    I even have a colleague who requested release time to sort and organize their digital files (some a decade old!) – so they could share with the department, of course.
    But that’s not necessary with Drive – especially as they add features like the ones in this post!

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