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Sheet Streamer – Copy to Other Sheets

Sheet Streamer pushes formatting and values from one sheet to other sheets in your Google Sheets workbook.
Sheet Streamer by AliceKeeler LLC
Sheet Streamer – Copy to Other Sheets

A cool feature of Google Sheets is the ability to have multiple “pages.” These are sheets or tabs. However, there are times when we need to copy the formatting or values to multiple sheets. To copy and paste onto each sheet can possibly be tedious. My Add-on “Sheet Streamer” helps to solve this problem. My son Jacskson Keeler and I created it together! 

Sheet Streamer

Install Sheet Streamer

“Sheet Streamer” by AliceKeeler is an Add-on for Google Sheets. 

Locate in any Google Sheets spreadsheet by using the Extensions menu. 

Copy Formatting to Other Sheets

Font size, background color, and other formatting settings can be pushed to other sheets in the workbook. Simply highlight the range of cells that you want to stream to other sheets. Use the Extensions menu to copy the formatting all sheets to the right of the active sheet. 

This collects NO PII. No user information. 

Copy to Selected Sheets

While the default copies the formatting to the sheets to the right, you can do more. Use the extensions menu to show the sidebar for additional options. 

Selecting Sheets with Sheet Streamer

Use the sidebar to populate a list of all of the sheets in the workbook. Check box the sheets you wish to apply the formatting to. 

Copy Values to Other Sheets

Stream the values in the cells as well as the formatting to selected sheets. Use the sidebar to select “Copy Formatting & Values.”

For Example Bingo

Try making Bingo sheets with my free Add-on for Google Sheets. 

Apply Sheet Streamer

After creating the Bingo sheets you may want to change the font style or color. Sheet Streamer will do this for you easily!

On the first Bingo sheet, style as desired. Highlight all of the cells and stream only the formatting to the other Bingo sheets. In a snap, all of the Bingo sheets are consistently formatted. 

Freemium & Privacy

At AliceKeeler LLC we strive to provide safe applications for educators. We do NOT collect any PII or user data for free features and free Add-ons. 


Sheet Streamer is a freemium Add-on. Using the Add-on menu to stream formatting to all sheets to the right is FREE. No login required. No information collected. NONE. 

Free for Premium Members

If you are a premium member of AliceKeeler LLC you can use the premium passcode to access the premium features. This method collects no user data! NO PII. 

Premium Features

For a small fee of $2.50, that does NOT automatically renew, you can access the premium feature of selecting which sheets to apply the formatting or values to. This is good for one year.

We store ONLY your email address in a Firebase database in order to verify your purchase. Choosing to show the sidebar will trigger checking the database for a current email address. We will never sell your information or use it for any purpose other than checking your subscription status or notifying you about your status.  

sheetPusher Add-on

Created by Alice Keeler. Collects NO user data. 

Push values to multiple student spreadsheets. 

Lock students from editing parts of their assignment.

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