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4 Chrome Extensions for Teachers: July 2014

4 Chrome Extensions for Teachers: July 2014

Previously I had a series of blog posts on Chrome Extensions for Teachers. Here are some more Chrome Extensions that you might find handy.

PDF Viewer

I have been using this Chrome extension for awhile. Whenever I click on a link that is suppose to download a PDF, instead it opens the PDF in a tab so I can read it. It has been incredibly useful since I find I need to access a lot of PDF’s as an educator (and as a doctoral student.)

Click Here to download the PDF Viewer extension

Move It Chrome Extension

Previously I blogged about this Chrome extension. If we want students to develop healthy lifestyles we can not limit physical activity to PE class. This extension has a customizable timer on it that every “15” minutes opens a new tab and gives you a suggestion for a physical activity you can do in about 10 seconds. Since it interrupts your work it is hard to ignore like a timer.

How long should a student be sitting doing work on a computer? The Move It Chrome extension helps to remind students, and us, to be continuously active during the day.

Click Here to download the Move It Chrome Extension.

Chrome to Mobile

The Chrome to Mobile extension pushes the tab in your Chrome browser to the Chrome browser on your mobile device (Android, iPad, iPhone, etc..). This is really handy when I am doing lesson planning on my computer and then need to take my work on the go.

Click Here to download the Chrome to Mobile Chrome extension.

Save Text to Drive

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.21.31 AMWhen reading a website if the site contains information you want to save for later simply click on the “Save Text to Drive” icon to the right of the Omnibox. A text file is created and saved to your Google Drive. Without having to remember the website that had that information the file is now in Drive. This means you can do a keyword search to find that information again.

Click here to download the Save Text to Drive Chrome Extension

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