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Move It Chrome Extension: Let’s Get Moving

Move It

There are so many benefits to physical movement. I have long thought it strange that depending on some students school schedules they have PE every other day and the last period of the day. If we want to promote healthy lifestyles then movement and physical activity needs to be embedded into the school day and into all classes.

A Google Certified Teacher from Australia, Jarrod Robinson, created a Chrome extension that encourages physical activity. The default time is 15 minutes but you can change the time interval. Every 15 minutes a tab opens in Chrome and gives me a quick challenge I can do to get active. These are easy to do right on the spot. I love the idea of getting students in the habit of continuously taking a break to do something active and to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The genius of this Chrome extension is the interruption. I can ignore an alarm, this switches to a new tab when the timer runs out. I find I do not ignore it, but do the quick activity (or another one I make up for myself) and then get right back to work. Clicking done closes the tab and I’m right back where I was.

Click Here to install the Move It Chrome extension to Chrome.

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