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Math: Creating Angles in a Google Drawing

Math: Creating Angles in a Google Drawing

Miss Camp Student Drawing

Thank you to Sarah Camp for allowing me to blog about her idea for using Google Draw in the math classroom. In order to help her students to have accurate angles in their Google Drawings she has them import an image of protractor. Students can then compare the lines they draw in Google
miss camp


Transparent Protractor

It is important that the file type by a .PNG file. This allows for the protractor image to be “see through” so that students can put the protractor on TOP of the drawings to measure their angles.

Students can do an image search for “transparent protractor” and then DRAG the image onto the Google Drawing, or you can provide the students with a template graphic organizer in Google Drawing that contains the transparent protractor image.


Click Here for a template.

Control Shift Up

Clicking on an element and holding down the Control and Shift key while striking the up arrow will bring and element to the top. As the students draw in the Google Drawing the protractor will be underneath the drawings. The students may want to click on the protractor and hold down Control Shift Up to help them to maneuver the protractor around the drawing to measure their angles.

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Off Canvas

The protractor does not need to remain on top of the drawing, potentially obscuring the work. Students can drag the protractor off canvas by using the “View” menu to resize the drawing to only 50%. This allows them to see the off canvas area.
Google Draw View
google draw store off canvas

Student Sample

Thank you Sarah Camp for providing the sample student work and the ideas!

Sarah Camp
This August Sarah will start her 9th year of teaching with a 4th/5th combo class at Berkshire Elementary. She has always been into EdTech after receiving technology from DonorsChoose. For the past several years she has served as the schools Model Technology Teacher. Last March she implemented 1:1 laptops with her 5th/6th combo class and jumped right in using GAFE . She will be blogging about her experience at http://shuttersandscribbles.blogspot.com/ and you can follow her class on Twitter @CampsCrusaders.

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