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Google Apps Templates

Here is a list of templates I have created that you can use. Tip: on Google Docs you can replace the /edit with /copy to create a template (this does not work with Google Forms.)

TitleDescriptionBlog PostLink
 Pixel Art Template Enter single digit numbers to create pixel art.Google Sheets: Pixel Art Templatealicekeeler.com/pixelart
 Meme Students create meme’s to demonstrate their learning. Have Students Create Meme’s in Google Drawing alicekeeler.com/meme
 JigSaw Create a collaborative JigSaw activity with Google SlidesGoogle Slides: JigSaw Activity Template alicekeeler.com/jigsaw
 Ask & Respond Google Slides template to ask students questions and have them respond within the Slides.Google Slides: Ask and Respond Template alicekeeler.com/slidesaskrespond
 High Frequency Words Assess students on their reading of high frequency words.High Frequency Words Template alicekeeler.com/highfreq
 Class Twitter Have students compose their tweets on a spreadsheet. Approve and send.Class Twitter Account: How Your Students Can Tweet tinyurl.com/tweetmyclass
 Twitter Chat Moderator Structure a Twitter chat and tweet from the spreadsheet to simplify the process. alicekeeler.com/tweetmod
Search Google Drive A list of challenges to learn Google Drive. Gamify Searching Google Drive alicekeeler.com/searchdrive
 High Frequency Words Use this template to assess students reading high frequency words. Rethinking High Frequency Words Assessment alicekeeler.com/highfreq
 Kindergarten Templates 5 Google Apps templates to use with young students. 5 Google Apps Templates for Kindergarten
 Lesson Plan 21st Century lesson plan template. My Lesson Plan Template alicekeeler.com/lessonplan
 Create a Game Board Game board template. Gamify Your PD: Badges and Level Up Click Here
 Division Brownies Conceptual practice of division, modeled after Jo Boaler Division Brownies in her book Mathematical Mindsets. Modeling Division of Brownies by @joboaler alicekeeler.com/boalerbrownies
 Bookmark Create a bookmark in Google Draw. Google Draw Bookmark Template goo.gl/nFFgMD
 Battleship Google Slides template for coordinate plane battleship Game Based Learning: Google Slides Coordinate Plane Battleship alicekeeler.com/slidesbattleship
 Create a Template Create a template in Google Drawings. Google Draw: Create a Drawing Templatetinyurl.com/gdrawtemplate
 Create Angles Google Drawing with a transparent protractor. Math: Creating Angles in a Google Drawing Click Here
 Writing JournalUse Google Docs for an ongoing writing journal. Google Docs Writing Journal alicekeeler.com/writingjournal
 To Do List To Do list level up competition spreadsheet template. To Do List Competition: Level UP Click Here
 Twitter for StudentsCreates a spreadsheet for students to list their tweets. Teacher tweets from class Twitter account. Class Twitter Account: How Your Students  tinyurl.com/tweetmyclass
 Random Chooser Randomly choose a student from a roster. Random Student Chooser Templategoo.gl/fvztE3
 Q Chart Q Chart for developing questions Q Chart Template – Google Slides
 Brochure Google Slides template for creating a brochure. Why a Brochure?
 Mark It Rounding game. Mark it Game alicekeeler.com/markitround10
 Make 100 game Based on game from youcubed.org to help develop number sense for students. alicekeeler.com/make100
 Count and Measure For littles to count and measure the size of clip art images. Measurement Activity: Google Sheets for Littles alicekeeler.com/measure
 Pixel Art Battleship Fun Battleship game using Google Sheets. Pixel Art Battleship alicekeeler.com/pixelbattleship
 Sample data for practicing spreadsheet techniques alicekeeler.com/pivotdata
 Vocab Scavenger Hunt Have students use Google Slides to find their vocabulary in the real world. Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt alicekeeler.com/vocabscavengerhunt
 Participate in a Twitter ChatAutomatically attach the A1, A2, etc.. and hashtag to your tweets when responding to a twitter chat question. Participate in a Twitter Chat Template alicekeeler.com/twitterchat
 Google Slides Groups All groups using one group document! Google Slides Collaborative Group Template alicekeeler.com/groupslides
 Collaborative Google Slides Template for all students to collaborate on the same Google Slides Collaborative Google Slides Template alicekeeler.com/slides
 Twitter Chat ParticipantUse this template to aid in participating in a Twitter chat. The A1, A2, etc… and the hashtag are automatically appended to your tweets. Participate in a Twitter Chat Template alicekeeler.com/twitterchat
 Yohaku PuzzleThe sum of consecutive odd integers Yohaku Puzzle alicekeeler.com/yohaku
Factoring Puzzle Strategic thinking by figuring out how 3 numbers multiply to edge number. SlideShot+Webcam Record alicekeeler.com/factoringpuzzle
Collaborative Lesson Planning Collaborate together on lesson planning Collaborative Lesson Plan Template alicekeeler.com/collablessonplan
 Peer collaboration EvalWant students to comment on each other’s work? This takes a folder of student work in Google Drive and changes the sharing permissions to “can comment.” A spreadsheet list of the students documents is created to share the student work with other students. alicekeeler.com/peercollabeval
 Word Search For fun, create a word search puzzle Make a Word Searchalicekeeler.com/wordsearch 
 Collaborate on Slides Collaborative Slides Template with space for student name and directions for inserting commentsalicekeeler.com/collabslides 
 Collaborate on Research Google Sheets template for collaborating on research alicekeeler.com/collabresearch
 Four 4’s Jo Boaler YouCubed activity on Google Slides alicekeeler.com/four4s
 Chromebook Scavenger Hunt Help students learn the Chromebook with this Google Sheets scavenger hu Chromebook Scavenger Hunt alicekeeler.com/cbhunt
 Google Classroom Header I like to customize (and add Bitmoji) to my Google Classroom header. Here is a Google Drawing that is just the right size for downloading and adding to Google Classroom. Google Classroom: Header Templatealicekeeler.com/gcheader 
 Google Sites HeaderGoogle Sites headers (banners) crop the top and bottom of your pictures. Use this Google Drawing template to put your header in the middle. Download and upload to Google Sites. Google Sites Header Image Templatealicekeeler.com/sitesbanner 
Google Classroom HeaderHave a finger point to the classwork page.FREE: Google Classroom Header Template
5 E’s Lesson Plan templateGoogle Doc lesson plan template5 E’s Lesson Plan Template for Math
8 PartsSpreadsheet template for the 8 parts of a letteralicekeeler.com/8parts 
8 Parts with TemplateTabDuplicate the template for each student on the roster.alicekeeler.com/8partstemplatetab
Frayer ModelFor vocabulary practiceGoogle Slides: Frayer Modelalicekeeler.com/frayermodel
Solve ItFrom Jo Boaler and YouCubed a “Frayer model for math.”alicekeeler.com/solveit
Slides QuestionsStudents answer the questions on Google Slidesalicekeeler.com/slidesquestions
Collab MemeCollaborate on Google Slides to make memesGoogle Slides: Collaborative Meme Templatealicekeeler.com/collabmeme
Progress BarGoogle Sheets that creates a progress bar for multiple objectives.Progress Bar TemplateClick Here
Slides EssayGet students started writing in the SAME Google Slides.Google Slides Essayalicekeeler.com/slidesessay
Dice SlidesRoll dice in Google SlidesRoll Dice in Google Slidesalicekeeler.com/diceslides
Dice Place ValuePractice place value in Google Slides with virtual dice.Google Slides: Dice Place Valuealicekeeler.com/diceplacevalue
Collaborative SlidesTemplate for all students in a class on the same Slides.Click Here
End of the ChapterUse Google Slides to have students answer questions at the end of the chapter.Click Here
Rate the AssignmentEmpower students to take ownership of their learning by rating the quality of different assignment options.Click Here
Docs OutlineGoogle Docs template with question spots pre made with answer on the line.Outline Your Documentalicekeeler.com/docsoutline
Classroom RubricGoogle Sheets template for rubrics to add to Google Classroomalicekeeler.com/gcrubric
Classroom Scoring GuideGoogle Sheets template for scoring guide to add to rubrics in Google Classroomalicekeeler.com/gcscoring
Teams RubricFor Microsoft Teams a Google Sheets template. Export as CSV.alicekeeler.com/teamsrubric or alicekeeler.com/teamsscoring
Teams Rubric ExcelFor Microsoft Teams an Excel spreadsheet, export as CSValicekeeler.com/rubricteams or alicekeeler.com/scoringteams
Slides FeedbackSlides template with layout for adding feedbackGame Changer – Add a Slide for Feedbackalicekeeler.com/slidesfeedback
Check OffGoogle Sheets template. to check off student participationCHECK OFF Student Participationalicekeeler.com/checkoff
Pumpkin Pixel ArtFun fall pixel art activityFall Into Pumpkinsalicekeeler.com/pumpkinpixelart
Water Bottle Game“Jeopardy” style trivia game with water bottle flippingWater Bottle Flipping – The Gamealicekeeler.com/waterbottlegame
Minecraft ChallengeBy Lucas Gillispie a checkoff challenge for learning Minecraftalicekeeler.com/gillispieminecraft
Badge GameA spreadsheet template to provide. a choice board with badges and level upalicekeeler.com/badgegame
Portrait SlidesTemplate for portrait mode in Google Slidesalicekeeler.com/portraitslides