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Grading with a Pivot Table

I have decided this year I do not want paper. Nothing is worse than carrying that giant stack of papers home… only to not touch them and haul them right back to school. Just looking at that giant stack to grade is depressing. Instead, I am having students turn in their work digitally to a Google Form. I have the… Read More »Grading with a Pivot Table

Creating Graphics

I like to use www.quia.com for my mastery learning. I have hesitated wanting to teach Geometry because I like to do all my stuff digitally and the thought of making all those graphics was overwhelming…. Well, I am teaching Geometry this year.  And creating all of those graphics IS overwhelming. But I’ve figured out a way to make them relatively quickly.… Read More »Creating Graphics

Nudge with shift key in drawing

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When I am drawing in PowerPoint or Google Presentation sometimes I need to nudge a shape over, but the arrow keys nudge it over too much. Hold down the shift key while using arrow keys and your object you are trying to move will move one pixel at a time to help you get precise placement. Another drawing trick is… Read More »Nudge with shift key in drawing

Step One: Title your Google Doc

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  When you start a document in Google Docs it is defaulted with the name “Untitled document.”  Before you start anything on your document you want to CLICK on the words “Untitled document” and name it something meaningful. Several times I have received notification that someone has shared with me “Untitled document” which gives me no indication what the document… Read More »Step One: Title your Google Doc

QR Code Reader

Earlier I posted a blog about what a QR code is.  But how do you USE a QR code?  You will need a QR code reader.  When you use your QR code reader on your cell phone it should launch the webpage that the QR code is pointing to.  On my iPhone I use the Google Goggles app.  When doing… Read More »QR Code Reader

Google Voice for Educators

TjHouston.com posted to his blog 5 reasons why every educator should have a Google Voice account. I have blogged previously about my love for Google Voice in the classroom.  I will add in a couple of my own reasons. Keeping my cell phone number private, I give out my Google Voice number to students and parents. I can set my… Read More »Google Voice for Educators

Add a Favicon to your Google Site

Update: Previously I had linked to a blog posting by Jonathan Wylie and his site educationtechnologyblog.com.  Unfortunately the posting has been taken down. In response I have posted on my blog the step by step directions for creating a favicon on your Google Site. Click Here to visit my step by step directions. When I create my favicons I use the site: http://www.favicon.cc/… Read More »Add a Favicon to your Google Site

Math Symbols in Google

If you want to put math symbols into your Google Presentations it can be a little tricky.  In Google Docs there is an equation editor that will allow you to directly insert equations.  (Note: If you know LaTeX you can use the LaTeX notation instead of using the toolbar to save yourself time). However, in Google Presentation there is not… Read More »Math Symbols in Google