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Google Drive: Select Multiple Files

Google Drive: Select Multiple Files



In the new Google Drive you single click a file to reveal toolbar options and to utilize the info pane to find out information about the file. (1) Click on the file (2) Reveal toolbar options such as link to file, share file, preview file, trash file, locate the folder it is in and more options to copy the file and more. (3) Notice on the right hand side of the toolbar is an i in a circle to reveal the info pane which will (4) tell you which folder the file is in.
Google Drive Info



Multiple Files

In the new Google Drive the checkboxes on the side of the file names are gone. In order to select multiple files click once on the first file you wish to select. Hold down the SHIFT key when you click on the last file. All of the files in between will be selected.
shift key

selecting files

Control Key

To choose selected files hold down the CONTROL key instead (Command key on a Mac).
Control key

hold down control key

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