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Google Forms: Notification Rules

Google Forms: Notification Rules

Google Forms Email Notification

Depending on the data you are collecting from students you may want to receive an email when the form is submitted. At the suggestion of Ramsey Musallam I have included an anonymous honest feedback form with each lesson. Students do not always fill out the form each lesson, thus necessitating that I receive a notification when the form is submitted.

Google Sheets

Connected to your Google Form is a Google spreadsheet that contains the responses to the form. In the toolbar of the edit screen of the Google Form is a button for “View responses.” Click on “View responses” to switch to the spreadsheet.
View Responses

Tools Menu

From the spreadsheet choose “Notification rules” under the Tools menu.
Notification rules

Submits Form

In the new Google Sheets there are two sets of options to choose from for notifications. From the top set of options, choose to receive an email when “A user submits a form.”

The second set of options allows you to choose how often an email notification is sent to you. Since I expect that many students from the same lesson might submit my anonymous honest feedback form I have chosen “Email – daily digest” to avoid receiving 30 email notifications all at once. If you think the form will be filled out sporadically you may want a notification for each form submission.
set notification rules

Per Collaborator

Setting up notifications only applies to the person selecting the notification rules. If other collaborators on the spreadsheet wish to receive notifications they will need to go to the spreadsheet and follow these same steps. You need to be logged into the account you wish to receive notifications to. You do not have the ability to provide an alternative email address for the notification besides the one for the account you are logged into.

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