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Google Classroom: Star Your Templates

Google Classroom: Star Your Templates

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When creating assignments in Google Classroom as “Make a copy for each student” a copy of the document is made for each student… with the same document title appended with the student name. This creates a problem when you search Google Drive. Since Google Classroom documents save to your Google Drive now your search results returns the student documents.

A secondary level teacher might have 150-200 students and each students copy. This shows 150 copies of my syllabus all with “Current CI225 Syllabus” in my Google Drive. Trying to find my actual current syllabus has become a challenge.

If students turn in the assignment I can filter the search to only look for files “Owned by me.” However, if students have turned in the assignment Google Drive shows the teacher (me) as the owner.
Google Drive Filter Owned by me

Star Your Documents

In Google Drive if you single click on a file and press the S key you can star (or unstar) a document.

Search Is:Starred

When searching Google Drive include is:starred in the search box. When I did this my 150 results filtered down to 2 results.
Google Drive Is Starred

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