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Sweet! Add Hashtags to Google Classroom

It's sweet to add hashtags to Google Classroom. This will allow you to gain better insights into student performance. Break it down by class, classes, groups, or individual students. Use the assignment tags report at schoolytics.com to analyze student performance.
Sweet! Add Hashtags to Google Classroom

How do you know what students know in Google Classroom? Do they do warm ups but not group work? Will they do a Quizizz but not a class discussion? The trick to being able to answer these questions is to be CONSISTENT when you post assignments to Google Classroom. Add hashtags to Google Classroom.

Add Hashtags to Google Classroom

In the description of your assignment add a hashtag for anything you wanting to track. Put a hashtag for the standard. For example #pythagoreantheorem or #1.01.C.6. I push enter a few times and make a string of multiple hashtags for any way that I can possibly categorize the assignment.

Increase Critical Thinking

You can rate critical thinking on a scale of 1 to 4 using Depth of Knowledge. I add the DOK level to ALL of my assignments. For my attendance question I use the hashtag #DOK0. This helps me to know if I am improving my goal to increase the amount of #DOK2 and #DOK3 problems.

Standards Based

If you want to use Google Classroom for Standards Based grading you will want to be sure to add your standards or objectives to the Google Classroom assignments as hashtags in the assignment description.

Tracking Hashtags with Schoolytics

FREE! You can use Schoolytics to see how your classes are doing on each of the hashtags you added to Google Classroom. You can also break it down by student. After syncing your Google Classroom classes for free, click on “Assignment Tags” on the left side rail. This will allow you to look at performance on the different tags. Filter by class, classes, groups, and/or date.

Schoolytics side rail showing the reports option and focusing on the assignment tags

Drill Down Per Student

Clicking on the Students table you can drill down per student. This not only gives you great information about student performance and allows you to get a student progress report, but you can view student performance on each of the hashtags.

Click on By Assignment Categories Tab

Export the Tags Report

Use the 3 dots on the table to export student performance to a Google Doc (Save to Drive) or Google Sheets.

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