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Missing Classroom Assignments Report in Google

Easily get a report of a students missing assignments from Google Classroom.
Missing Classroom Assignments Report in Google
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It’s not so uncommon that a student does not complete all of their work. It’s helpful is to have a handy report of assignments they are missing to get back on track. If you are a Google Classroom user you may be missing the ability to easily conjure up a list of assignments a student needs to get working on.


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Log into Schoolytics with your Google account to automatically sync your Google Classroom data.

Students Missing Class Assignments

On the left hand side you will see the option for “Reports.” Click on “Missing Assignments” to see students who missed one or more items in the last 4 weeks.

Drill Down

Click on the Drill Down icon next to the students name.

The Missing Assignment Report

After drilling down to an individual student, you can modify the date range of missing assignments. Then choose to download a PDF you can print of the student missing assignments or choose the option to email the student a list of their missing classroom assignments.

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