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Students Find Missing Work in Google Classroom

Students can find all of their missing work for all of their classes in Google Classroom
Students Find Missing Work in Google Classroom
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Students can find their upcoming work, missing work, and completed work for ALL of their classes in one place.

Classes Home Page

The main page of Google Classroom is the Home page, otherwise known as “Classes.” This is where students can file tiles of the classes they are enrolled in.

To-do Icon

The first icon located under “Google Classroom” is the “To-do” page. This is for STUDENTS. Any classes your students are enrolled in (or classes you are enrolled in as a student) will show up under “To-do.”

As a teacher, your classes you teach will not show up under “To-do.”

All Classes

Clicking on “To-do” from the Classes page defaults to “All classes.” This allows students to see all of their work in a single place. The assignments are organized by due date. The first thing students see on the “To-do” page is the “Assigned” work. These are assignments with. no due date or whose due date has not yet passed.

Students need to pay attention to the counts for each heading. Assignments are collapsed under the arrow so they will want to notice if the number is not zero and click on it.

Filter for a Particular Class

While the default is “All classes” students can click on this to select a specific class.

Missing Assignments

For assignments with a due date that the student has not submitted, they will be located on the “Missing” tab. Ask students to look for all of their missing assignments and to pay particular attention to the number counts showing if they have missing work that is quite late.

Launching Course Work

The assignments listed on the “To-do” page are live links. Students can click on these assignment titles to be taken straight to that class and that assignment.

Completed Work

Students can check on the status of work that they have completed by clicking on the 3rd tab “Done.” This will show students their score if the teacher has released it. If the teacher has not returned the assignment it will say “Turned in.”

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