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Quick Poll Reuse Google Form with Alice Keeler

Use the SAME Google Form to Poll

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During a live session with students there are several options for how you poll students. A quick and dirty is to reuse the same Google Form repeatedly. Steps Create a Google Form with one multiple choice question. It can be generic “Answer the question” and “A, B, C, D.” OR you can edit the question and answers quickly on the… Read More »Use the SAME Google Form to Poll

Make Google Forms Self Grading

SELF GRADING – Google Form

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“If it is low critical thinking, a robot should grade it.” Teaching critical thinking is hard and time consuming. So you have to give something up so you can spend time working with students on a feedback loop on higher critical thinking tasks. Tip: Make the WHOLE THING SELF GRADING Sure, you can mix up self grading questions and non… Read More »SELF GRADING – Google Form

Google Forms Retakes

Google Forms Retakes

How to Manage Retesting in Google Forms One of the issues with using a Google Form for testing is that it is the exact same test when you retest. You can set the questions to shuffle and the answer choices to shuffle… but still the same questions. Step 1: Create a Big Form Create your question bank of questions in… Read More »Google Forms Retakes

Make Generic Google Forms

Make a Generic Google Form

Create a Default Google Form The assignment was to answer the multiple choice questions at the end of the chapter. I cringe to think of teachers spending their valuable time grading this. We can’t do everything, so I choose to give up grading things robots can grade. However, it seems unfun to type up the questions at the end of… Read More »Make a Generic Google Form

Warning automatically wrong

WARNING: Google Forms Marks it WRONG

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Certain Question Types in Google Forms Default to Incorrect If you use Google Forms for quizzes it is important to know how the scoring works. By default questions such as paragraph text and time are marked incorrect regardless of what the student submits. Turning on Quizzes To turn your Google Form into a self grading quiz, click on the settings… Read More »WARNING: Google Forms Marks it WRONG

Fast branching Google Form

Fast: Create a Branching Google Form

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Create a Branching Google Form Design your Google Forms to provide immediate feedback by utilizing branching options. Create multiple sections in your Form and add only one question per section that determines which section to jump to next. Answer correctly and the branching should take the student to the next question. Answer incorrectly and be taken to a section with… Read More »Fast: Create a Branching Google Form

Move Backwards Google Form

Shift Tab…. Go Backwards

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Use the Shift Key When Using Tab When filling out a Google Form (or any form) use the TAB key to move between the fields of the form. Use the mouse less! However, what if you need to go back UP the Form? Shift Tab Hold down the Shift key and press the Tab key. This will send you backwards… Read More »Shift Tab…. Go Backwards

Email Notifications Google Forms

Google Forms Notifications

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Be Notified When Your Form is Filled Out Google Forms has a built in notification when your Form is submitted. 3 Dots Menu If you are a G Suite user, 3 dots should make you excited! On the Responses tab, click on the 3 dots menu. Select, “Get email notifications for new responses.”