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Free Google FOrms online workshop

Google Forms and More Workshops

NOTE: This offer has expired. However, I often offer free workshops. Make sure you are a newsletter subscriber to receive this information when they are offered. Join Intro to Google Forms Go Slow Workshop™ alicekeeler.com/newsletter In my newsletter I offered free access to “Teaching Math with Desmos” and “Introduction to Google Forms” online workshops. Sign up for the newsletter to… Read More »Google Forms and More Workshops

Updated 5 Google Apps Challenges

Going through my Google Drive resources folder I found this Google Slides with 5 challenges for Google Apps. The image for Google Forms was still green (instead of purple) so you know it was needing updating. Basic Challenges These challenges would be for those newer to G Suite. Add fonts to Google Docs. In Google Slides change the background image.… Read More »Updated 5 Google Apps Challenges

Simple Summarize data in pivot tables in google sheets

Simple: Make a Pivot Table

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Summarize Data with Pivot Tables Pivot tables in Google Sheets summarize data. They are super useful for teachers and happily really simple! The first thing you need is data in a spreadsheet where information repeats. One of the easiest ways for this to happen is to use Google Forms with multiple choice options to ensure that the data is all… Read More »Simple: Make a Pivot Table

Easy! Google Forms: Automatically Sort on Submit

Sort Your Google Forms Results Automatically Google Forms is amazing, however it can be challenging to read Google Forms submission in a spreadsheet sometimes. You may need to make the columns wider, set word wrap, hide some columns, etc… The problem is that when you format your spreadsheet or sort your data any new form submissions do not have the… Read More »Easy! Google Forms: Automatically Sort on Submit

create new google docs

Google Docs is NEW!!

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Try Dot New with Your Google Apps There is a new way to create your favorite Google App. End it in dot new. doc.new docs.new sheet.new sheets.new spreadsheet.new form.new forms.new slides.new slide.new site.new sites.new Control T I love an excuse to get in a tip to use a keyboard shortcut. Use Control T on your computer (Command T on a… Read More »Google Docs is NEW!!

Certify’em for Google Forms: Create a Certificate

Create a Certificate From Google Forms Do you want to give your students a certificate after they complete a Google Form? Try the Certify’em Add-on for Google Forms. Try filling out this Google Forms quiz.Loading… Google Forms Add-on Certify’em Add-on Once you install the Add-on you will find it under the Add-on puzzle piece. Choose the “Certify’em Controls.” Collect Email… Read More »Certify’em for Google Forms: Create a Certificate

Google Forms your quiz is obsolete

If Google Forms Can Google It… It’s Obsolete

Google Forms Auto Predicts Your Answer Choices Google Forms came out with 6 updates to making Google Forms Quizzes. One of the updates is Google Forms will guess your correct answer and wrong answers! The opportunity to save time is always appreciated! (Note: new announced features are not necessarily pushed out immediately. Additionally, features roll out and can take up… Read More »If Google Forms Can Google It… It’s Obsolete