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First and Last Name Together… When They Are Not

First and Last Name Together… When They Are Not
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I am working on a Google Form where I need a drop down list of student names… first and last name. However, the names are not in the same cell in the spreadsheet.

List of names in a spreadsheet

Start with an Equals Sign

For all formulas in a spreadsheet you need to start with an equals sign. In a blank cell type the equals sign.

Ampersand Quotation Space Quotation Ampersand

The easiest way to concatenate (smash together) is to use the Ampersand (&) symbol.

You want to join the first and last name together… with a space. After typing your equal sign click on the cell that has the first name. AND you want a space. The & symbol means AND.

All Text Strings Go In Quotations

The space in between the first and last name is text. You will need “quotes” around the space.

AND you want the last name. So another & symbol. Now click on the last name to grab the cell reference. Press Enter.

=A2&” “&B2

Drag the Formula

Single click back on the cell where you entered the formula. Notice the fill down square in the bottom right corner of the highlighted cell.

Drag this down to continue the pattern of first and last name.

Drag the fill down square in the spreadsheet

Paste Into Google Form

Highlight the entire list of first and last names. In a multiple choice question in a Google Form (or Drop down list) use Control V to paste into Option 1. This will paste the entire list of names all at once.

Control V paste all the names at once.

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