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Calendar Me for Google Calendar

Allow people to auto add to Google Calendar event
Calendar Me for Google Calendar

How do you invite people to your calendar event? Let them fill out a Form!!

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Make a copy of this Google Form to use the Add-on:

Import Google Calendar Events

The idea behind this Add-on is to avoid you manually entering guests to a Google Calendar event. Perhaps you have sessions to choose from at an event. Who is attending what field trips? Even if you only have one event, this allows someone to RSVP to the event. The Add-on will automatically pull in the events from your calendar.

Note: Events are matched by event title. Be sure no two events have the same title.

Add-on Menu

In Google Forms the Add-on menu can be found under the puzzle piece icon. Select “Calendar Me by Alice Keeler.”

Authorize the Add-on

I distribute most of my Add-ons informally. You will need to authorize the Add-on every time you make a copy of the template. It will warn you that it has not been reviewed by Google, this is correct. The Add-on collects NO user data and is safe to install.

Import Calendar Events

By default the Add-on will import your calendar events from your main calendar. If you have a different calendar you want to pull events from choose “Paste Calendar Id.” Otherwise, go straight to “Import Calendar Events.”

How Many Days?

You will be prompted by the Add-on for a number of days to pull from the calendar. The Add-on will then automatically bring in your events from today through the number of days.

Question ONE

The Add-on specifically adds the events to the first question. This can not be changed. Make sure the first question is the events question.

Delete Events

The Add-on will bring in all the events for the number of days. It is no problem to manually remove events from the Google Form. Leave only the events (or single event) that you want to allow people to add themselves to.

Do NOT edit event titles. The calendar choice is matched by event title. It is important to use the Add-on to import the event titles to ensure they match exactly.

Share the Form

Using this template automates that when the Form is filled out that the email address used in the Form will be added to the chosen Google Calendar event.

Share the link to the Google Form like you would any Form.

Reuse the Form

Each time you use the puzzle piece Add-on menu and select “Import Calendar Events” the events listed in question 1 are deleted and replaced with the new list of events. Keep reusing this same “Calendar me” over and over again.

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