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Adding Attachments to Google Calendar Events

Attaching Files to Google Calendar Event
Adding Attachments to Google Calendar Events

Posted by Erin Whalen

One of my favorite features of Google Calendar (of which there are many – I love Google Calendar!) is the ability to add attachments to an event. This is helpful for my own organization and efficiency but especially helpful for events with guests such as virtual or in-person meetings.

When creating an event, start by choosing “More Options” so you can see all the options available. There will be a paper clip icon in the description box menu. You can add a file directly from Google Drive or upload a file. If you select a Drive file, you will be prompted to share it with the event guests if it hasn’t already been shared with them. It’s super convenient!

I use this when creating an invitation to a virtual meeting – to share the agenda or other relevant documents. I also use it for myself – adding notes, presentation slides, YouTube videos, and more. It’s a fabulous way to have all the information you need right at your fingertips. No wasting time searching for the info I need!

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