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FINALLY! Google Forms Lets Students SAVE Their Progress

Allow students to finish filling out their Google Form responses later. Google Forms will save their progress without needing to submit.
FINALLY! Google Forms Lets Students SAVE Their Progress
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Saving progress on unsubmitted responses in Google Forms, the killer feature that you have all been asking for is finally rolling out. (ANY new features roll out over weeks, if you do not have the feature please be patient for it to appear in your account.)

autosave work lets students save unsubmitted responses in Google Forms.

If a student is not done with filling out the Google Form they can save their responses to their account and come back to finish it later. The progress that they already made will now be saved for them to keep working on in a different session.

EDU Domain

Your “domain” refers to the end of each student login (email). For example suzy@myschool.org the domain is myschool.org.

Students must be logged into the domain to save their responses in Google Forms.

Create a Google Form

The first step is in creating a Google Form for the students to fill out.

Responses Saved to the Cloud

IF students are logged into their Google account and that account is on the same domain they will see the “saved to the cloud” icon. This is the same icon you will see near the document title in Google Docs and Slides to indicate that the document is saved to Google Drive.

the saved to the cloud icon (cloud with check mark) let's students know their unsubmitted responses have been saved in Google Forms. For their progress to be saved it is required that they are signed in with a Google account on the same domain as the form was created in.

Saving Progress

As the student types in the Google Form the cloud icon changes to “Saving” letting the student have confidence that the progress they are making on the Form responses are being recorded. (Low internet might prevent this.)

saving icon lets students know their unsubmitted responses are being saved

Do Not Submit

If a student is not done with the Google Form they do not need to submit the Form. They are not ready to submit.

Students will close their form after confirming that the draft is saved.

No Teacher Access

Submitting provides access to the teacher to view the responses. In this case, the student has NOT submitted. Thus the results are saved on the students profile but NOT submitted for the teacher to review. If, as the teacher, you do not have the results for a particular student please ask them return to the link and submit.

Return to the Form

Seriously, there is nothing the student needs to do to save their unsubmitted responses in Google Forms other than to close the browser tab. Going back to the same link, while logged into the domain, will show the previously entered responses. However the student accessed the Form in the first place they will use to access the Form the second time to complete their responses.

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