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MAGICALLY go Remote with Automagical Forms

MAGICALLY go Remote with Automagical Forms
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Many schools are starting remotely in the Fall and this is going to necessitate getting some materials into Google Forms. Google Forms is an amazing way to have students submit their work digitally. You do not have to open up individual PDF’s and hope that the screen orientation isn’t rotated. Instead you can gloriously see all student work in one place. You can review student answers by student or by question and use the summary charts to make decisions about how to reteach or provide feedback.

Automagically Create Google Forms

Copying and pasting questions and information into a Google Form will save you time in the long run. Opening up individual student PDF’s is slow. However, using the Automagical Forms Add-on will significantly speed up your process. Go to Google Drive. Single click on your file that you want to make into a Google Form and click on the Automagical Forms icon in the sidebar. It’s that easy!

Domain Install

The free version will get you started, however the premium version is $40 per person. Since almost everyone at the school, including the office staff, have a need to take what was on paper and turn them into Google Forms I would recommend a $400 domain install. This allows EVERYONE to automagically create Google Forms.

Additional Features

  • Automagical Forms will also read handwriting to add questions to your Google Form.
  • Add multiple choice
  • Draw on the PDF to choose selected portions to include in the Form

Note that Automagical Forms does not add images at this time. Screenshot the images from the document and add them to your Form manually. Automagical Forms also does not support math symbols at this time. Check out EquatIO to add the math symbols to the Google Form.

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