In Google Classroom on the Classwork tab you can create assignments. One of the choices is “Quiz Assignment.” DO NOT USE THIS!

Create Quiz Assignment

It is an Assignment with a blank Google Form

What is the difference between assignment and “Quiz assignment”? They are both assignments. You can edit, score, and reuse. Quiz assignment adds a blank Google Form for you that has the quiz setting turned on. You do not need this.

EASY to Add Blank Form to Regular Assignment

In a regular assignment click on “Create” and add a Google Form. Easy Peasy. It’s exactly the same thing other than you have to set the quiz and select to import grades. It seems nice to have a couple of less clicks BUT…

Create a Google Form in a google classroom assignment

Quiz Assignment Adds Funky Code to your Form

“Quiz Assignment” does not just save you a few clicks. It does funky things to your Form in the background. You can’t tell… but some code is added to your Form that gives you less control over your Form and how you reuse it. It’s very annoying. And unnecessary.

Make a Form

I almost never make my Google Forms from blank inside of Google Classroom. Usually I already have my Form. Go to and click “Quiz” if you want to have the quiz toggle pre done for you. No matter what you need to go check the quiz settings and other settings in the Google Form. So having quiz pre toggled is not much of a time saver. But it’s kinda nice to get it started. with quiz form as an option

Filter for Google Forms

It is a mystery to me why Google Products such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms do not have a Share to Classroom button. It has a share to Facebook or Twitter option… So since Forms does not allow you to direct share to Classroom simply create an assignment in Google Classroom and click on the “Add” button and choose Google Drive.

Import grades for Google Form
I created this REGULAR ASSIGNMENT and added a Google Form from Drive. Notice I still have the option to import grades for the Form.

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