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Google Forms: Setting the Confirmation Message

What do students see AFTER they submit their Google Form? Be intentional to direct students to what to do after they finish filling out the Google Form.

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Google Forms Settings

Google Forms has ditched the settings cog and instead has replaced it with a Settings tab. Take some time to explore the new options in Google Forms settings.

Settings tab in Google Forms

Presentation Option

In the Settings look for the Presentation option.

Settings tab on Google Forms find the presentation option to expand

Edit the Confirmation Message

The default confirmation message in Google Forms is “Your response has been recorded.” Boring. Click on “Edit” to leave your own message.

Click on the words edit to make a custom confirmation message in Google Forms.

Direct Students with What to do Next

What will students do after they finished filling out the Form? Tell them in the confirmation message. How often do we get asked “When you will you have this graded?” Answer this or other commonly asked questions in the confirmation message to avoid students needing to ask some of these questions.

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