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Google Forms: Link to Next Activity

Google Forms: Link to Next Activity

Google Forms confirmation message link to what to do next

Use the Confirmation Text in Google Forms

What do students do AFTER they complete the Google Form? Take advantage of the confirmation text to direct students what to do next!

Settings Cog

While editing the Google Form click on the settings cog up at the top.
Settings Cog

Collect Emails

I strongly suggest you collect emails for all Forms. (Tip: click on the 3 dots in the upper right and choose “Preferences.” There you can default all future Forms to automatically collect email addresses.) This has nothing to do with the confirmation text, however, it will be the first thing you see when you click on the settings cog.
Collect email addresses

Presentation Tab

Click on the Presentation tab.
Presentation Tab

Confirmation Message

The default Confirmation message is “Your response has been recorded.” But what does that mean? What should students do next? Consider leaving students a note in the Confirmation message to direct their next steps.
Confirmation message leave a note on what to do next


If you include the http:// when pasting a link in the Confirmation message, the link will be a live link. Do you want students to go to a simulation website? Fill out a Padlet? Paste the link in the Confirmation message.
Confirmation where to go next

Try It

Fill out the Google Form below to see the confirmation message.

Link to a Google Classroom Assignment

I suggest using Private Comments in Google Classroom to ask an open ended question. This allows for faster and more high quality feedback. On the assignment in Google Classroom click on the 3 dots and choose “Copy link.”
Copy Link

In the Confirmation message of the Google Form ask students to go back to Google Classroom and locate the assignment that they will answer the open response question for the assessment. Paste the link directly to that assignment in the confirmation message.
Paste link to Google Classroom assignment in the confirmation message

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