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Teachers Are Professionals

We know teachers pay out of pocket for supplies for their classroom. We joke about it, but it’s not a joke! We know this happens so why doesn’t anyone do anything about it? I want to do something about it. I contacted PledgeCents which is a crowdsource fundraising platform to work on a solution for teachers paying out of pocket! Most professionals do not pay out of pocket for the software they need to do their job yet when schools fail to budget for EdTech subscriptions their funding plan becomes the teacher.

Business Cards

We have gained a partnership with Vistaprint to get you business cards. Professionals have business cards, if you do not have any we would like to send you some; Free.

3 Categories

Classroom Spending: Teachers are spending at least $200-$300 a year on supplies for their classroom. This is not an extra, it’s an annual expense. This should be budgeted for. NO RECEIPTS! We trust teachers with our kids, we can trust them with $300 to spend on their classrooms.

EdTech Subscriptions: Getting EdTech subscriptions for your classroom can be at best a hassle and at worst not budgeted. You need high quality EdTech tools to teach in the 21st century. You should be given them.

Professional Development: We teach the future and that is a moving target. We need professional development books to help us keep moving forward. Every teacher needs a book budget. Also the conferences and workshops we pay for out of pocket!

Long Term Goal – $0 out of pocket

Our long term goal is to put into place a system for getting you the funds for your classroom, EdTech, and PD. We hope to find the donors for you so that you can simply focus on teaching instead of fundraising. We want to change the culture that teachers are expected to spend their own money. We want to make the process of obtaining EdTech subscriptions easier. We want to build a community to be better together.

Short Term Goal – Free Stuff or Discounts

It will take some time to get all the pieces of this project in place. However, in the short term we are able to leverage discounts for you in order to reduce the financial burden.

Mid -Term Goal – Business Cards

We hope to be sending out business cards for professional educators by the Fall of 2018.

Spread the Word

Please help us to get teachers to sign up. The more teachers we have the more leverage we have to get large donors and to leverage deep discounts. If you know a teacher who pays out of pocket please encourage them to go to:


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