alice keeler Google Apps templates

Google Apps Templates

Here is a list of templates I have created that you can use. Tip: on Google Docs you can replace the /edit with /copy to create a template (this does not work with Google Forms.)

Title Description Blog Post Link
 Pixel Art Template  Enter single digit numbers to create pixel art. Google Sheets: Pixel Art Template alicekeeler.com/pixelart
 Meme  Students create meme’s to demonstrate their learning.  Have Students Create Meme’s in Google Drawing  alicekeeler.com/meme
 JigSaw  Create a collaborative JigSaw activity with Google Slides Google Slides: JigSaw Activity Template  alicekeeler.com/jigsaw
 Ask & Respond  Google Slides template to ask students questions and have them respond within the Slides. Google Slides: Ask and Respond Template  alicekeeler.com/slidesaskrespond
 High Frequency Words  Assess students on their reading of high frequency words. High Frequency Words Template  alicekeeler.com/highfreq
 Class Twitter  Have students compose their tweets on a spreadsheet. Approve and send. Class Twitter Account: How Your Students Can Tweet  tinyurl.com/tweetmyclass
 Twitter Chat Moderator  Structure a Twitter chat and tweet from the spreadsheet to simplify the process.  alicekeeler.com/tweetmod
Search Google Drive  A list of challenges to learn Google Drive.  Gamify Searching Google Drive  alicekeeler.com/searchdrive
 High Frequency Words  Use this template to assess students reading high frequency words.  Rethinking High Frequency Words Assessment  alicekeeler.com/highfreq
 Kindergarten Templates  5 Google Apps templates to use with young students.  5 Google Apps Templates for Kindergarten
 Lesson Plan  21st Century lesson plan template.  My Lesson Plan Template  alicekeeler.com/lessonplan
 Create a Game Board  Game board template.  Gamify Your PD: Badges and Level Up  Click Here
 Division Brownies  Conceptual practice of division, modeled after Jo Boaler Division Brownies in her book Mathematical Mindsets.  Modeling Division of Brownies by @joboaler  alicekeeler.com/boalerbrownies
 Bookmark  Create a bookmark in Google Draw.  Google Draw Bookmark Template  goo.gl/nFFgMD
 Battleship  Google Slides template for coordinate plane battleship  Game Based Learning: Google Slides Coordinate Plane Battleship  alicekeeler.com/slidesbattleship
 Create a Template  Create a template in Google Drawings.  Google Draw: Create a Drawing Template tinyurl.com/gdrawtemplate
 Create Angles  Google Drawing with a transparent protractor.  Math: Creating Angles in a Google Drawing  Click Here
 Writing Journal Use Google Docs for an ongoing writing journal.  Google Docs Writing Journal  alicekeeler.com/writingjournal
 To Do List  To Do list level up competition spreadsheet template.  To Do List Competition: Level UP  Click Here
 Twitter for Students Creates a spreadsheet for students to list their tweets. Teacher tweets from class Twitter account.  Class Twitter Account: How Your Students   tinyurl.com/tweetmyclass
 Random Chooser  Randomly choose a student from a roster.  Random Student Chooser Template goo.gl/fvztE3
 Q Chart  Q Chart for developing questions  Q Chart Template – Google Slides
 Brochure  Google Slides template for creating a brochure.  Why a Brochure?
 Mark It  Rounding game.  Mark it Game  alicekeeler.com/markitround10
 Make 100 game  Based on game from youcubed.org to help develop number sense for students.  alicekeeler.com/make100
 Count and Measure  For littles to count and measure the size of clip art images.  Measurement Activity: Google Sheets for Littles  alicekeeler.com/measure
 Pixel Art Battleship  Fun Battleship game using Google Sheets.  Pixel Art Battleship  alicekeeler.com/pixelbattleship
 Sample data for practicing spreadsheet techniques  alicekeeler.com/pivotdata
 Vocab Scavenger Hunt  Have students use Google Slides to find their vocabulary in the real world.  Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt  alicekeeler.com/vocabscavengerhunt
 Participate in a Twitter Chat Automatically attach the A1, A2, etc.. and hashtag to your tweets when responding to a twitter chat question.  Participate in a Twitter Chat Template  alicekeeler.com/twitterchat
 Google Slides Groups  All groups using one group document!  Google Slides Collaborative Group Template  alicekeeler.com/groupslides
 Collaborative Google Slides  Template for all students to collaborate on the same Google Slides  Collaborative Google Slides Template  alicekeeler.com/slides
 Twitter Chat Participant Use this template to aid in participating in a Twitter chat. The A1, A2, etc… and the hashtag are automatically appended to your tweets.  Participate in a Twitter Chat Template  alicekeeler.com/twitterchat
 Yohaku Puzzle The sum of consecutive odd integers  Yohaku Puzzle  alicekeeler.com/yohaku
Factoring Puzzle  Strategic thinking by figuring out how 3 numbers multiply to edge number.  SlideShot+Webcam Record  alicekeeler.com/factoringpuzzle
Collaborative Lesson Planning  Collaborate together on lesson planning  Collaborative Lesson Plan Template  alicekeeler.com/collablessonplan
 Peer collaboration Eval  alicekeeler.com/peercollabeval
 Word Search  For fun, create a word search puzzle  Make a Word Search alicekeeler.com/wordsearch 
 Collaborate on Slides  Collaborative Slides Template with space for student name and directions for inserting comments alicekeeler.com/collabslides 
 Collaborate on Research  Google Sheets template for collaborating on research  alicekeeler.com/collabresearch
 Four 4’s  Jo Boaler YouCubed activity on Google Slides  alicekeeler.com/four4s