Go Further with Google Classroom and Win a Copy

Google classroom book win a copy

Google Classroom Book Go Further with Google Classroom and win a copy of our new book “50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom: A Student-Centered Approach.” Register Fill out this Google Form (goo.gl/forms/8dyTUzNcpvNzDTzz2) by July 5th. Choose from a signed copy of the new book or the original 50 Things. Additional Things Here are […]

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July 19th: Power Up Your Pedagogy with Google Apps Workshop

using technology better workshop

Power Up Your Pedagogy with Google Apps Workshop Join my friend Mike Reading for a day of learning on July 19th in the Los Angeles area. I presented with Mike this summer in New Zealand and Australia. Come spend the day with him learning about Google Apps with a focus on pedagogy, not just tools! […]

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50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom – A Student Centered Approach

50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom

50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom: A Student-Centered Approach Libbi Miller and I are excited to announce the follow up to our best selling book “50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom.” Our new book “50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom: A Student-Centered Approach” helps you to go beyond the […]

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Google Keep: Lit Circles

Google Keep Lit Circles

Google Keep- Love at First Sight Guest Blog post by Rayna Freedman (@rlfreedm) Digital PostIts I fell in love with Google Keep at first sight. Once I saw the color-coded notes, reminders, labels (think hashtags), and image upload capability my head began swirling with possibilities for my 5th-grade students. What a great tool to help […]

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Google Slides: Edit the Slide Master

google slides view master slide master

Google Slides Themes Why be like everyone else, edit the Google Slides master to create custom themes! View Menu I usually start with a blank white theme. I then go to the View menu and choose “Master.” Master Slide Notice there is a “Master” slide that rules all of the layouts. Click on that top […]

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#coffeeEDU at #ISTE2016

coffeeEDU at ISTE 2016

CoffeeEDU at ISTE 2016 If you are going to be at ISTE in Denver this year, come join coffeeEDU one morning. CoffeeEDU (coffeeEDU.org) is a ONE HOUR meet up of educators in the style of edcamp. 6am While 6am may be early for some folks it is a great start to your day. This is a […]

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Find Your Google Products

find your google product

Apps Name Most Google products can be located simply by typing the name of the product followed by dot google dot com. It is oftentimes faster to go directly to the website rather than trying to locate the icon in the apps chooser. Some Google products are not available in the apps chooser so it […]

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Google Math: Animate Your Math with Google Slides

Animate your math

Link to animation Link to sample student Google Slides Teach Math with Google Apps What does teaching math in an age of Google Apps look like? One way is to use Google Slides to teach math. Slides presentations are basically unlimited blank sheets, what can you not do with Google Slides? Move away from math worksheets […]

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Google Classroom: Edit Slides Not Copy

Edit google slides do not copy (1)

Link to Slides presentation Edit Google Slides Old school thinking back when we used PowerPoint was to create copies of the presentations for back up files or to just update the presentation. Emailing a copy of PowerPoint creates a copy of the document. Any updates to the presentation by the author are not represented in […]

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Twitter Chat Strategy: Put it at the End

Twitter Chat Strategy

A Twitter chat is usually exactly 1 hour with a structured set of questions. This is a great way to engage with other educators and have a dialog around different topics. I have a guide to participating in a Twitter chat. If you are looking for Twitter chats check out bit.ly/educhatcalendar. Tweetdeck I use Tweetdeck to […]

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Google Drive: Share with a Period

Sharing in Google Drive

Be a Keyboard Shortcut Ninja Learn one keyboard shortcut a week and you’ll be a ninja of the computer by the end of the school year! Put your keyboard shortcut on a Post-It note on your computer. When you have that one mastered, learn another one. Sharing in Google Drive What makes Google Apps truly […]

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Google Classroom: Quick Share and Peer Comment

peer comments in google classroom

Student Work in Google Drive Student work is saved in your Google Drive when you use Google Classroom. This makes is super easy to have students comment on each others work. Create an Assignment In Google Classroom create a new assignment for peer comments. This assumes you already have an assignment where students created something […]

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Math Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt

Google math vocab scavenger hunt slides

Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt A fun way for students to learn math vocabulary is to ask them to go on a vocabulary scavenger hunt. Students go out on campus and take pictures that represent the “math in the wild.” Template alicekeeler.com/vocabscavengerhunt Vocab Have students create slides using the template of vocabulary from the unit. Students will […]

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Polar 3D Printer: Build Your Math

build your math polar 3d printer math

Polar 3D: Build Your Math Polar 3D (polar3d.com) generously supported the “Teaching Math with Google Apps” workshop at Google in New York City (thank you!). I have a Polar 3D printer and it is a great printer to get started with. I like how quick and easy it is to upload files to my Polar […]

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Google Math: I See Math

I See Math

I See Math Diana Herrington (@mathdiana) and I are trying something using photos and Google Slides. Something we advocate is using photos in your math class to help students connect the learning objective to real objects. Diana is always using her phone to take pictures of things around her. This is accompanied by a nerdy […]

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