QuickShare Screenshot Chrome Extension

quickshare screenshot

QuickShare Screenshot Chrome Extension I take thousands of screenshots every year. This is an essential part of a blended classroom. When I want students to use digital resources I will include screenshots of what the students need to click on within the directions document. I share with students things I see on the web using […]

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Columns: You Asked, You Got It

columns in google docs

Columns in Google Docs Google just announced that you can now do two or three column layouts in Google Docs. I think this is one of the questions that I receive most often when I’m working with teachers on using Google apps, so this is a welcome new feature! Format Menu You can enable columns […]

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Google Slides: Class Baseball Game Review Game

class baseball review game google slides

Google Sheets: Class Baseball Game A lot of us play Jeopardy for a class review game. If you are looking for a different spin on that, try class baseball. The template is generic and can be applied to any subject. I played this a lot with my math classes, they loved it. Set Up I […]

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Why we Need to Talk About Leslie Jones in Class

be nice online julie smith

Why we Need to Talk About Leslie Jones in Class Guest blog post by Julie Smith. Author of the book Master the Media: How Teaching Media Literacy Can Save Our Plugged-in World By now you’ve probably heard about SNL’s Leslie Jones, who’s been the victim of some horribly racist attacks online after she appeared in this […]

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Bitmoji Feedback in My Google Doc


Did you know… you can drag a Bitmoji (Chrome extension) into a student Google Doc to give feedback 🙂 #GoogleEDU pic.twitter.com/FTjdUnvnuL — Alice Keeler (@alicekeeler) August 31, 2016 Bitmoji Feedback in a Google Doc Did you know you can DRAG from the Bitmoji Chrome extension right onto a Google Doc, Drawing or Slides? Bitmoji Chrome […]

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Book: Teaching Math with Google Apps

teaching math with google math google math book

Teaching Math with Google Apps Book Diana Herrington and I are finishing up the book “Teaching Math with Google Apps.” We have over 300 links, examples and resources in the book. If you are interested in being notified when the book is published please fill out the Google Form. In the meantime, follow the hashtag […]

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Google Slides: Create a Locked Down Background

google slides lock down backgrounds google slides backgrounds

Google Slides: Create a Locked Down Background When using Google Slides you can set the background image on a slide by clicking on the “Background” button in the toolbar. Any images on the background are locked down. Template alicekeeler.com/drawslides Google Drawing I created a template in Google Drawing that is the same size as the […]

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Does Your Lesson Plan Include Search?

include search questions in your lesson plans

Does Your Lesson Plan Include Search? When is the last time you were in a social situation that someone did not look something up? Looking things up is part of the culture. One way that technology changes what we do in the classroom is to take advantage of Search. Lesson Planning Include a section in […]

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Instant Relevance: Listening To My Own Advice by @mathdenisNJ

denis sheeran listening to my own advice

Listening To My Own Advice Guest Post by Denis Sheeran (@mathDenisNJ) Just over a month ago my book, Instant Relevance, Using Today’s Experiences to Teach Tomorrow’s Lessons, was published by Dave Burgess Consulting. Since then, I’ve had an amazing opportunity to connect with countless educators who are also passionate about finding ways to connect the […]

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YouTube Live: Bookmark It

bookmark youtube live

Google Hangouts on Air is being moved to YouTube Live YouTube live allows you to live broadcast to YouTube and have the recording automatically save to YouTube. I really like the features of YouTube live. There is an integrated chat for those watching the video stream that is really nice. It also seems I am […]

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23 Unique Google Slides


NOT All Students Turning In The Same Thing Christine Monge shared on Twitter that she tried using Collaborative Google Slides with her class. She was absent and had her students all collaborate on the same Google Slides document. Expecting students to write a paragraph on the slides or some bullet points, she was happily surprised. […]

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TRUTH: I Have Anxiety About Math Facts


Fact, I have anxiety about math facts. I have a degree in math. I graduated college with honors. I got the highest score at my university on the Putnam exam, which is supposedly a big deal to get a non-zero score. I taught high school math for 14 years. I am the Queen of Spreadsheets. […]

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Time For A Change to Teaching Math


  Time For A Change to Teaching Math Guest blog post by Venetia Ricchio (@Bellagio594) I want to change the way I teach. I see a lot of students mindlessly memorizing patterns and procedures without any understanding the math I teach them. Technology into the classroom has forced me to do less lecturing and be […]

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Share a Copy of A Google Form


Share a Copy of a Google Form To share a copy of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or Drawings is pretty easy. If the person has view access to the file they can simply use the File menu to “Make a copy.” Alternatively, editing the URL of a Google Doc from /edit to /copy and sharing […]

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Get Going with Google Apps for Education GAfE [Game] [Infographic]

Getting going with google apps for education

Get Going with Google Apps for Education GAfE link GAfE Level Up Game I used my game template to create a level up game for introduction to Google Apps for Education (GAfE). I’m not finished with it, however, it’s far enough along to share. Make a copy of the template below. Mark off in column A […]

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