Edit Images in Google Drive: Pixlr Editor

image editor connect to google drive

Edit Images in Google Drive: Pixlr Editor I frequently save images and screenshots to my Google Drive. The Chrome extension “QuickShare Screenshot” directly saves to Google Drive with no extra steps. If the screenshot needs additional edits, such as blurring out information or drawing an arrow, there are apps you can connect to Google Drive […]

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Google Classroom: Pin All Your Classes

pin google classroom classes

Google Classroom: Pin All Your Classes Pinning Google Chrome tabs makes it easy to get to websites you regularly frequent. If you are a Google Classroom user, definitely pin this tab. If you have multiple Google Classroom classes, pin each of the classes. Open Classroom Classes Rather than opening a class, going back to Classes, […]

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Pin Tab: Google Classroom, Email, Gradebook, Drive

pin tabs in google chrome

Pin Tab: Google Classroom, Email, Gradebook Google Chrome allows you to pin a tab in the browser. The moves the tab to the front and locks it to the front. This can be really helpful for websites you visit a lot. Pin Tab To pin a tab, right click on the Chrome browser tab and […]

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What Small Thing Does The Student Add to the Assignment?

small personalizations to an assignment

In designing lessons, I ask myself several questions. One of them is Digital tools can be great because they allow for some elements of personalization. Even something very small can enhance the interest level for students. Allow the context of the assignment to include something a student is interested in. Students can choose a photo […]

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Let’s be honest – homework sucks for everyone by @jcorippo

homework sucks for everyone jon corippo

  Let’s be honest – homework sucks for everyone. Guest Post by Jon Corippo Recently, Texas Elementary School teacher Brandy Young posted a homework policy for her classroom and a very happy parent Facebooked that policy to the tune of over 74,000 likes (and counting). As an educator, I’m thrilled that people are finally getting this […]

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Blank Google Slides for the Win

blank collaborative google slides

Blank Collaborative Google Slides Collaborative Google Slides is one of my favorite activities. They are super easy to do and are transformative as to what is possible in the classroom. I can create and distribute blank collaborative Google Slides to students in under 40 seconds. Chaos Collaborative documents are a new skill for everyone. Expect […]

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Create Posters to Clearly Communicate Ideas

create attractive posters

Create Posters to Clearly Communicate Ideas I saw Canva tweet a blog post “20 Easy Ways to Create a Professional Poster that Goes Above and Beyond [with Free Templates].” Canva is awesome, you should use it. One of the 21st century skills is for students to clearly communicate their ideas. (Communicate does not have to be […]

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Research Pane in Google Docs: Want it Back?

research pane in google docs

Do You Want the Research Pane Back? Recently Google Docs has replaced “Research” in Google Docs with “Explore.” I have heard from several educators who are upset about the removal of “Research.” Note that the new “Explore” tool also allows you to do a Google Search within the Google Doc. Survey If you used the […]

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Google Forms: Review Individual Student Answers

google forms view individual responses

Google Forms: Review Individual Student Answers When students submit information to a Google Form, the data is collected in the Form. If you create a spreadsheet, a COPY of the responses are sent to the spreadsheet. Individual responses can be reviewed in the Google Form. Response Tab When editing a Form there are 2 tabs. […]

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Google Sheets: Select a Range

google sheets select a range

Google Sheets: Select a Range Using a trackpad in Google Sheets to select a range of cells can sometimes be tricky. Here are a few tricks to select a range of cells. Range Each cell has an address such as A1 which is the first column, first row. B10 is the 2nd column, 10th row. […]

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Math Puzzle, Get Students Thinking

math puzzles strategic thinking

Math Puzzles, Get Students Thinking Google Home was just introduced, this allows you to shout out questions to the universe and have the answer. Wouldn’t it be interesting to get a Google Home for the classroom so students could shout out “Ok Google, what is the perimeter of a square with a width of 7 […]

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How Is This Better Than Paper?

Using Digital Flowchart

How Is This Better Than Paper? Using digital tools is a shift in mindset. Technology allows for interactions that were difficult or impossible before. Link to flowchart Ask the Question How is this digital task BETTER than using paper? If you don’t ask “how can I make this better” then it won’t be better. Things […]

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Exactly Why Are You Using Tech????

why use tech?

Exactly Why Are You Using Tech???? Just because it is digital, does not make it better. As was true before we were using tech, we need to thoughtfully and intentionally design activities for student engagement. 4 C’s When using tech I want to know how it makes the task BETTER? Allows for more collaboration. Increases […]

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Jamestown Bitmoji Project with @MatthewFarber

Jamestown Bitmoji Project with @MatthewFarber

Creative Project Ideas with Matthew Farber Matthew Farber (author of “Gamify Your Classroom“) shared with me a project his student did using Bitmoji’s to represent the story of Jamestown. This project hits many of the things I value: Integrates technology, not just uses tech. Uses real things that students can relate to. Provides choice. Allows students to […]

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Get That One Character You Missed When Highlighting

highlight or select the missing character

Get That One Character You Missed When Highlighting This morning I was highlighting, selecting, a URL. I missed it by one character (always!). This is an easy fix!! Hold down the Shift key and use the arrow keys to highlight one character at a time. Shift Left Arrow Shift left arrow will select one character […]

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