Be Notified: New Google Classroom Book

50 things to go further book interest form

50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom: A Student-Centered Approach Dr. Libbi Miller and I have finished the follow-up to our popular book “50 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom.”  This book helps you take Google Classroom further with 50 more tips. The book is chock full of ways to take it further […]

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Mark It – Round to Tens Game

rounding game mark it round 10

Based on this game the spreadsheet version is — Alice Keeler (@alicekeeler) May 22, 2016 Rounding Game Since the answer is always a spreadsheet I created a digital version of the Mark It game for rounding. In the original game, students would roll 3 die and arrange them in any order they wish. […]

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FREE FOR THE SUMMER: Fluency Tutor for Google

Fluency Tutor

Fluency Tutor I have been impressed with the company Texthelp and their products to help students with reading You may be familiar with their Chrome extension Read&Write for Google Chrome. Read&Write helps students to read and write. This extension is free for teachers (teachers need to sign up for the free premium version). Texthelp’s other product, […]

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Bad Reasons to Use Tech: Faster Neater More Colorful

tech better

“The students are so engaged.” This phrase drives me nuts. Anytime you do something new, the students will be “more engaged.” But is what we are doing “make learning better?” Does this last long term? The first time students get to do their math problems on a device they may be “so engaged” but ultimately […]

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Try This It’s Easy – Google Sheets: Count Stuff

Count Google Sheets

Use Spreadsheets Spreadsheets are an incredibly valuable life skill. Students of any age can use them. Essentially you have a grid to put stuff in, doesn’t have to be numbers. Help students to sort and organize information by doing tasks in Google Sheets. Count In Google Sheets, highlight a range of data (stuff). Automatically the […]

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What the Heck is an API?

What is an API

What is an API You may have seen that Google has updated several of their API’s recently. Google Classroom API will allow for companies to integrate better with Google Classroom. The Google Sheets API will allow companies to have more seamless integration.  The Google Slides API will allow companies to push their data automagically into […]

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This Job is to Hard to Go It Alone – #stealEDU


How Do You Learn New Ideas? There are so many new possibilities for teaching. Blended learning, Common Core, DOK levels, Project Based Learning (PBL), Minecraft, Standards Based Grading (SBG), Student-centered classrooms, BreakoutEDU, making global connections, collaboration techniques and of course just using new technology. Teaching is too hard to go it alone. #stealEDU In the […]

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Comments Invite Conversations

Comments invite Conversations annotate PDF

Move Beyond MarkUp It is well known that I abhor writing on PDF’s. It is not that engaging of an activity and it is not better than using paper. So why not annotate on top of student work to provide feedback? Annotating on top of student work is exactly what we did when we had […]

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I’m Not Techie

Sylvia Duckworth Alice Keeler quote

“The only difference between “I’m techie” and “I’m not techie” is the willingness to click on stuff and see what happens.” Techie How did I become good at using technology? I click on everything. When faced with a new product I click on EVERYTHING, try to make it explode. I don’t try to make something functional, […]

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Believe Your Students CAN

believe your students can

This last weekend I was the keynote speaker in Palmdale. I brought Christine Pinto with me to present as part of the keynote. Christine is a TK (Transitional Kindergarten) teacher in California. This is her first year teaching. Her 4 year old students sometimes have access to iPads and sometimes go down to the computer lab. […]

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Google Classroom: Grab and Update a Post from Last Year

Google Classroom Reuse Post

Reuse and Update Google Classroom Posts Google Classroom users can reuse posts from previous classes. As you create your new classes there is no need to start from scratch. Grab and update assignments you gave last time. Digital Filing Cabinet I was warned as a credential student not to be “that guy” who has a filing […]

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Use Short URL’s

use url shorteners short URL

Use Short URL’s Long URL’s are not very attractive. They distract from “communicating clearly.” Your note can get lost with the long link. Short links also make it easier to direct people to a webpage when they are not able to click on the link, but rather are typing in the web address (URL). Too […]

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4 Year Olds Log into Google Classroom

logging kinder into google apps kindergarten

*Parent permission obtained to use video Today I am inviting Christine Pinto to join me in my keynote.This is her first year teaching. She constantly amazes me with how she fearlessly tackles using Google Classroom and Google Apps with her TK (Transitional Kindergarten) kids. She never says her kids can’t. The above video shows a […]

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Storyboard That: Graphic Organizers and Comic Strips

welcome to storyboard that

Fun and learning come together with Storyboard That. This application allows you or students to create comic strips, storyboards or graphic organizers. Clearly communicate ideas through graphics is a great way for students to demonstrate their learning. Create I love students CREATING things. Students can easily get started using Storyboard That to create scenes that […]

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Pixel Art Battleship

pixel art battleship

Battleship using @alicekeeler pixel art template plus chrome extension tab scissors. #EndOfYear2016 — Cindy Schluckebier (@schluckteach) May 9, 2016 Pixel Art Battleship Pixel Art and Battleship… yup that sounds awesome! Cynthia Schluckebier shared on Twitter her students using the pixel art template ( along with Tab Scissors to play the game Battleship. Cynthia’s Steps 1. I […]

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