Google Classroom: Schedule That Assignment – New Feature!

Schedule your Google Classroom Posts

Schedule If there was any doubt as to if the Google Classroom team listens to teacher requests, today’s new feature update proves that they do! Teachers have been clamoring for, and now can, scheduling Google Classroom assignments. Create Post Create an Assignment, Announcement or Question in Google Classroom. Click on the plus icon in the bottom left […]

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Twitter: Un-Check Best Tweets First

Twitter Timeline

Frustrated your @twitter timeline is no longer in “most recent first” order? UN-CHECK this in Settings / Account — Jonathan Rochelle (@jrochelle) May 1, 2016 Twitter Timeline Twitter has decided to take a lesson from FaceBook and manipulate your timeline to not be in real time. I use Twitter to engage in conversations with […]

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From “Fill This Out” to “I Made This”

I Made This 3D printing

Think About a 3D Printer For a few years the Horizon report has predicted that 3D printers are up and coming for the classroom. Should every teacher have a 3D printer? There is no magic bullet tool that will engage your students so it depends on what you want your students to DO. One advantage […]

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Google Classroom: Keep Materials in the Class Folder

Google Classroom Save Files in Class Folder

Place Class Materials in Class Folder I am co-teaching a class using Google Classroom. We have several planning documents that we are collaborating on. A good place to keep these files is in the class folder in Google Drive created by Google Classroom. About Tab The About tab in Google Classroom allows you to add […]

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Google Classroom: Make EVERYTHING an Assignment

Google Classroom Create Assignments

Google Classroom Assignment I pretty much NEVER use the “Announcement” feature in Google Classroom. I use “Assignment” for everything. Private Comment There are several ways you can use Google Classroom to make learning better. It is of course how you use it that makes learning better, not just that you use Google Classroom. What is […]

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Subscribe to the US Department of Education Newsletter

department of education newsletter

Subscribe I am subscribed to the U.S. Department of Education newsletter. I enjoy the articles and information the Dept of Ed shares. You can subscribe here: Department of Education Newsletter Newsletters are delivered via email and contain stories from teachers, links to articles and blog posts, along with resources. Highlights from the April newsletter The […]

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Developing Questioning Strategies: Justifying Questions – by @docnyberg

Justifying Questions

Developing Questioning Strategies: What types of questions do I need to ask and when should I ask them? Powerful Practices Series: The Power of Questioning: Guiding Student Investigations By Julie V. McGough and Lisa M. Nyberg Publisher: NSTA Press: National Science Teachers Association © 2015 Focus: Justifying Questions As authors of the popular NSTA Press […]

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Investigating Small Group Conversations with @mathdiana

small group investigations

Small Group Investigation Math teacher Diana Herrington has been utilizing Google Slides with her math students in some really innovative ways. Rather than initially providing students with a Sine graph she instead has the students work in groups of 4.  A slide in the group activity slides sets up the investigation. Each student is given […]

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11 Tips When You’re New to Google Apps for Education

Getting Started with Google Apps

Essential Getting Started with Google Apps Google Apps for Education (GAfE) encompasses several products. Typically this starts with a branded Gmail account, specific to your school district. If email is turned off the account sign in appears to be an email address on the schools domain, but is used only for accessing other Google products. […]

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Google Docs: Name Mobile Files

rename google doc mobile

Rename Google Doc In Google Docs, Sheets and Slides on a mobile device it is easy to set the document name. By default the document title is “Untitled Document.” Even if you do not rename the file, the “Untitled Document” will save edits. Google Docs App Use the Google Docs app on your mobile device […]

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Google Keep Chrome Extension

Google Keep Chrome Extension

Google Keep Google Keep allows you to keep track of ideas and take short notes. I use the app on my phone daily to capture my brainstorms and to jot down quick notes. I can access those notes easily from any browser at Google Keep recently updated the app and added a Chrome extension. Google […]

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Google Forms: Control E

google forms control E

Google Forms Settings With the new Google Forms you want to make sure that you click on the settings wheel. The Google Form settings allow you to set who can take the form, provide a confirmation message, automatically collect username (email) or allow students to submit another response. Control E Since you want to check […]

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Google My Maps: Lesson Ideas

use my maps to have students create

My Maps Lesson Ideas Google My Maps allows students to create using customized maps where they create the content. Students can they locate places around the globe and see them at street view. Students can drop markers onto the map and embed text, photos or YouTube videos into the markers. Create a route. Measure size and distance. […]

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Q Chart Template – Google Slides

Q Chart Template in Google Slides (1)

Q Chart Google Slides Template Q Chart Use this Q Chart template with your students. I’ll be honest, as a high school math teacher this template is not something I used. However, Phiona Lloyd uses them and I trust her when she says they are great! Each quadrant of the chart represents a different cognitive level […]

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Google Classroom and Newsela

google classroom newsela

Bring Current Events to Your Students with Newsela Newsela brings current events into your classroom. Newsela takes current news articles and changes the readability based on lexile level. New articles are provided daily at 5 different reading levels. Students can take assessments based on the news articles. Google Classroom Providing links to news articles through Google […]

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