A Tale of 3rd Grade Homework

homework stress

A Tale of 3rd Grade Homework When my son was in 3rd grade he came up to me to ask for help with his homework. He did not understand the commutative and associative property. Well, I am a math teacher so I can explain it but I wonder how many of the other parents in […]

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5 Things To Explore in Google Calendar

5 tips for explore google calendar

5 Things To Explore in Google Calendar To access Google Calendar go to calendar.google.com. 1. Appointment Slots If you are a G Suite for Education user you can create appointment slots. Click on any spot in Google Calendar to create an event and click on “Appointment slots” at the top. You can use these to […]

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New Google Sites + Google Classroom

google classroom sites

New Google Sites + Google Classroom New Google Sites is finally out! This is a great option for creating a class website and sharing resources. Since New Sites is essentially a new product it does not have all the features of Classic Google Sites, but be assured more features are coming. What I particularly like […]

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G Suite Google Apps Training Chrome Extension


G Suite Google Apps Training Chrome Extension Awhile back Google bought a company, Synergyse, that integrates G Suite training into the Google Apps. Using Gmail, Google Drive, etc… tutorials will pop up directing you through how to use the product. This is really important so we can allow teachers to be more knowledgeable of using […]

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Type Your Math

type math type your math

Type Your Math As a math teacher I was 1:1 almost my entire teaching career. I try to be consistent that even when writing on the board or on paper that I would write out what the math would look like typed linearly. I asked the students to always write the linear version in addition […]

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Google Sheets: Split and Transpose

google sheets split and transpose

Google Sheets: Split and Transpose This Google Sheets trick helps you to extract lines of text out of a single cell and have the text in individual cells. Rubric Where I was doing this was using a rubric. Multiple criteria were entered into a single cell, but this made it difficult to mark each of the […]

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Google Sheets: Pixel Art Trick

pixel art trick

Google Sheets: Pixel Art Trick Students love using pixel art. It is basically paint by number. There are lots of ways for students to use pixel art for academic reasons. Check out this brownie division activity adapted from a Jo Boaler Mathematical Mindsets activity. To represent their understanding of division multiple ways students use the […]

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Google Classroom: Assess Student Work FASTER [infographic]

google classroom workflow

Link to Infographic in Google Draw Having a good workflow for assessing student work is essential. Here is my workflow for giving feedback through Google Classroom. Assignment Title To find student work in Google Classroom go to the Stream in Google Classroom and find the assignment. Click on the assignment title to view student work. […]

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Insert Drawings into Google Apps

drawing google apps

Insert Drawings into Google Apps I live for collaboration and feedback conversations instead of comments. This is what I love about using G Suite with Google Apps. Instead of scribbling comments onto a kids paper that they probably do not get a lot of learning out of, switching to inserting comments in a Google Docs, […]

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Don’t Be the Holiday Grinch: Ditch the Break Packets

ditch the holiday break packets

Confession: I used to give homework packets over holiday breaks. Why? NOT because I read any research telling me to. NOT because it was presented as a pedigocally sound practice in my credential classes. NOT because my department asked me to. It was done to me. I just assumed it is what you do. I […]

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Upgrade the Worksheet: Place Value

place value upgrade the worksheet

Upgrade the Worksheet: Place Value I’m always looking for how we can use technology to make learning better, not just paperless. Instead of moving the worksheets online, upgrade them! In the above worksheet, the students are given numbers that have no connection to anything. What do these numbers represent? Why would students care about them? […]

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Google Slides: Choose Your Own Adventure

google slides choose your own adventure

Google Slides: Choose Your Own Adventure Eric Curts posted directions for using Google Slides to create a choose your own adventure style activity. Using hyperlinks within a Google Slides presentation, build a story or tutorial that asks the viewer to make decisions. Google Slides is probably my favorite collaboration tool. See what your students can collaborate […]

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Control W – Stop Making The Long Trek to the Top

control w close tabs

Use Control W to Close Tabs Now that we are doing more digital grading that is a lot of mouse clicks. Increase your efficiency in going through student work by using Control W (Command W on a Mac). Stop making the long trek to the top of the computer screen. I am solidly in the […]

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HyperDocs – Add the 4 C’s

hyperdocs throw in the 4 Cs

HyperDocs Are More Than A Digital Worksheet Guest blog post by Lisa Highfill HyperDocs are digital lessons that you give to students for engaging, inquiry-based learning; but beware, they can easily be a digital worksheet depending on the lesson design and content you include. It is important to remember that when exploring HyperDocs online, often […]

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Are The Students THINKING?

problem solving framework

Are The Students THINKING? I am a fan of Robert Kaplinsky who has some great blog posts on Depth of Knowledge (DOK). Check out his new post ” Is Problem Solving Complex or Complicated?” We sometimes give students strategies to tackle problems, but then we risk the students focusing on the tricks/tips/strategy rather than really […]

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