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Google Meet in Classroom

Now: Meet IN Google Classroom

Google Meet Video Conferencing now integrates with Google Classroom classes. Generate a unique meeting link for each class. Settings Cog Go to the settings cog in the upper right of your class. The ability to add a Meet will be available IF your apps admin has enabled Meet on your domain. If you would like a class meeting link, click… Read More »Now: Meet IN Google Classroom

Reuse Multiple Assignments at Once

Google Classroom: Reuse Multiple Assignments at once

Creating copies creates a giant mess of your Google Drive. I understand the reason we copy an entire Google Classroom class but I warn you this is a BAD IDEA. This copies EVERYTHING in every assignment, including videos, directions documents, things you are collaborating on. How many copies of your syllabus do you need? ONLY ONE!! Copies are BAD! Every… Read More »Google Classroom: Reuse Multiple Assignments at once

The genius of drive linking in google classroom

The GENIUS of Drive Linking in Google Classroom

A tough paradigm shift when you use Google Classroom is understanding that there are NO ATTACHMENTS. There are only links from Google Drive. If you upload something to Classroom, look more carefully, it actually says you are uploading to Google Drive. Classroom automatically organizes files in Google Drive. One Place to Find Things What this means is that I do… Read More »The GENIUS of Drive Linking in Google Classroom

Private Comments are the Best Part of Google Classroom

Private Comments are the BEST Part of Google Classroom

My favoritist favorite favorite thing about Google Classroom is the Private Comments. Comments in Classroom are not feedback, they are conversations. BEFORE a student even starts an assignment they have the opportunity to ask for help or clarifying question in the Private Comments. You can reply. You can have back and forth conversation with students. Assign Private Comments I would… Read More »Private Comments are the BEST Part of Google Classroom

8 Google Classroom Bummers

8 Google Classroom BUMMERS

I am obviously a big fan of Google Classroom. No product or platform is perfect and it takes time to add new features. Here are 8 things I am frequently asked about that I have to respond with “Unfortunately no.” 1. Schedule to Multiple Classes You can NOT schedule an assignment to multiple classes. Once you select multiple classes to… Read More »8 Google Classroom BUMMERS

Allow Devices to Access Google Classroom, Gmail, and Other Services

Deborah Alexander with How to Set a Passcode Guest blog post with Deborah Alexander On Twitter Jen Wagner noted that sometimes when families install Google things on their iPad devices that the school requires a passcode on the device. In Google Classroom, we have several families (w ipads) when after downloading the app — get a "your admin says you… Read More »Allow Devices to Access Google Classroom, Gmail, and Other Services

You wasted your time giving feedback

Giving Feedback Wastes Your Time

Do You Waste Your Time Giving Feedback? Feedback is effective for learning. Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development basically says you can only get yourself so far and you need someone to push you further. This is what we do as teachers, we help kids get further. This means we can not just accept their initial response or attempt. We need… Read More »Giving Feedback Wastes Your Time