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Google Classroom Announce Missing Assignments

Quickly post missing assignments lists to the Stream of Google Classroom. If your students do not have email or do not check email you can post announcements to the Stream, one per student, with their missing assignments list.

Google Classroom folder in Drive with Alice Keeler

Understanding the Google Classroom Folder in Drive

Google Classroom helps you to manage files in Google Drive. It keeps student work from floating freely around Google Drive by creating folders for Google Classroom, each class, and each assignment in Drive. Let me help you understand the Google Classroom Folder in Drive. Classroom Folder The very first time you log into Google Classroom a folder is created for… Read More »Understanding the Google Classroom Folder in Drive

Google Classroom Challenge

Google Classroom: EdTech Challenge

Create a Google Classroom for other teachers to join with short challenges. Student View of Google Classroom One of the things that can be a little confusing about Google Classroom is that the teacher side does not match the student side. It will be easier for teachers to understand how students interact with Google Classroom if the teachers participate in… Read More »Google Classroom: EdTech Challenge