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And You Get Teacher Pro

Schoolytics Teacher Pro helps you to get even more out of Google Classroom! Sign up by September 6th 2022 and receive free access to Teacher Pro!!
And You Get Teacher Pro

My friends down at Schoolytics are offering FREE Teacher Pro accounts if

five or more teachers/staff/admins from your school or district sign up for Schoolytics between August 10 and September 6, Schoolytics give ALL of you Teacher Pro access for a year (a $120 value per person)!

Schoolytics is free for teachers, but is limited to syncing only 10 Google Classroom classes at a time. Unlock even more features with Teacher Pro.

Schoolytics Teacher Pro can be shared with anyone. Use the invite someone button in the upper right of Schoolytics.

Guardian Messaging + Progress Reports – Free for 1 Year! 

If you were thinking about checking out Schoolytics this year, now is the time to sign up! Between now and September 6th, when five or more teachers at your school (or district) sign up for Schoolytics, everyone receives Teacher Pro access for the whole school year. Teacher Pro allows you to connect up to 100 classes (instead of just 10) and create progress reports in bulk, and copy Guardians in bulk emails to students. Teacher Pro is regularly $9.95/month, which means this offer saves your team $600!

Is Schoolytics Teacher Pro worth it for me? 

For teachers with many Google Classrooms and students, the Teacher Pro upgrade makes it even easier to keep students and families in the loop. 

The paid subscription to Teacher Pro allows teachers to:

  • Connect up to 100 Classes
  • Create Progress Reports in bulk
  • Copy Guardians on Missing Assignment and High Five Messages

Extra Storage to Re-use Assignments

While the free Schoolytics Teacher accounts accommodate most teachers for one year (10 class limit), the Teacher Pro accounts allow teachers to view multiple years of Google Classrooms in ONE view – up to 100 classes at once.

Search and re-use assignments from any of the 100 classes! Why recreate the wheel when you could copy the whole thing at once? This is what going digital was designed to achieve – quick access to your current and previous assignments, docs, slides, and links. 

Google Classroom Progress Reports for every student 

Send students and guardians a detailed Progress Report for the first month of school (or the entire year)! The ability to create progress reports right from Google Classroom is limited. Not only does Schoolytics provide you with more options for progress reports, they are totally customizable. Choose the option to save to Drive as a Google Doc™. Google Docs give you all the control over what information is shared with students and guardians.

Create progress reports in Schoolytics Teacher Pro

Share with guardian on creation

Teacher Pro Feature

A new feature in Schoolytics is the ability to share the Google Doc progress report with… well anyone. You were of course always able to share a Google Doc with anyone using the built in share features of the document. You can now type in any email address before you create the Progress Report to make it even easier to share.

Teacher Pro Sharing

Teacher Pro let’s you go one step further and allows you to add the guardians that are linked already. This means you do not have to look up the email address of the students or guardians. Schoolytics Teacher Pro for the win!

Bulk Progress Reports

For free Schoolytics users are able to create and share progress reports. However, this is one at a time. Schoolytics Teacher Pro subscribers can BULK create Progress Reports. A huge time saver!!

Teacher Pro Can BULK Export Progress Reports

Copy Guardians on Missing Assignment and High Five emails

Schoolytics helps you to have improved communication with students and guardians. EASILY create and share missing assignments reports. Customize the date range to show assignments missed this week or the entire semester.

Schoolytics helps you to celebrate student success by identifying students who are doing well and send them a High Five message!

Schoolytics Teacher Pro lets you cc guardians

Automatically CC Guardians

With Teacher Pro when you’re sending out the Missing assignments reports to ALL students you can also at the same time CC the guardians on the reports. No need to look up guardian contact info!

Schoolytics Teacher Pro has guardians cc'd on Missing assignments reports.

How do I share Schoolytics with my school? 

Think about how you like to learn about a new tech product. Would you want a text from a colleague? An email? A flyer above the printer? Whichever way is easiest for your team, sharing Schoolytics with your school takes just a few clicks.

  • Text or email the link to sign up (www.schoolytics.com
  • Print or share a QR code digitally
  • When you’re signed in to Schoolytics, click the “Invite” button 

Do I need a code? 

Nope! Just sign up with your school email address, and Schoolytics will automatically award Teacher Pro to all eligible users by September 6th.

How will I know if our School met the criteria in time? 

Once more than 5 teachers as your school sign up, everyone who created an account will receive an email confirming their Teacher Pro status. If you’re wondering how many sign-ups to go, just reach out to support@schoolytics.com and mention this offer. 

Share Schoolytics…and get Teacher Pro for the whole school year

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