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SUPER COOL Badge Game Updates

Looking for ways to engage students? Try some gamification and choice. I have added some features to my Badge Game template that I hope will make it easier and more fun. Template New Features I updated several new features to the Badge Game Change the game colors. Create a Google Slides tutorial to go with the game. Google Slides are… Read More »SUPER COOL Badge Game Updates

Google Slides for Breakout Rooms

Use Google Slides in Breakout Rooms No matter if you use Zoom or Google Meet or another video product to do breakout rooms with students, consider having a Google Slides per group. First Slide Built into my First Slide Add-on I have created a way to manage Google Slides for breakout rooms. Note that First Slide is NOT an official… Read More »Google Slides for Breakout Rooms

Google Classroom: Create an Attendance Check In and Schedule It

Every day I add a question to Google Classroom asking students to indicate their attendance. Create Question Google Classroom is designed to be organized on the Classwork tab. Click on “Classwork” at the top and use the “Create” button to choose “Question.” Choose Multiple Choice The default when you ask a question in Google Classroom is a “Short answer” response.… Read More »Google Classroom: Create an Attendance Check In and Schedule It

Google Classroom Popsicle Sticks – Call on Students

If you use Google Classroom you can call on students randomly from within the Google Classroom App. Mobile App This works only on your phone or iPad (or using the Google Classroom android app on a Chromebook.) This currently does NOT work on the web version of Google Classroom. People Tab At the bottom of the screen of Google Classroom… Read More »Google Classroom Popsicle Sticks – Call on Students