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FASTER! Reuse Google Classroom Assignments

I made a fun 1 minute trailer using iMovie to show reusing assignments from Google Classroom.

Faster and Better

Reusing assignments in Google Classroom is challenging because of all the scrolling. You scroll all the way to the bottom of the list. Then want the next assignment you did right after that one… scroll all the way back down.

Free for Teachers

It is FREE to reuse assignments at schoolytics.com. Log in with your Google Account and right on the home page you can see the option to “Reuse Assignments.”

Reusing Google Classroom Assignments from the home tiles page in Schoolytics


Reusing assignments from Google Classroom can be a challenge because there is no search feature. Schooytics solves this. Right at the top of the Content Library is a search box. This searches the ENTIRE description!

Search for assignments on the Content Library in Schoolytics

View the Entire Description

When reusing assignments you can see the first couple of sentences in the assignment description. Click the tiny triangle to expand and see the full description. Additionally, you can see icons for each of the attachments. These are clickable so you can review them, or update them, before reusing.

Read the entire description by clicking on the arrow

Review Multiple Classes

In the sidebar, on the left of the Content Library, shows a list of your classes. All of the classes assignments are shown for reuse. If your class is not listed, click on the 3 lines menu in the upper left. Select classes to change the classes displayed.

Reuse the Next Assignment

The Content Library at Schoolytics does not lose your place. After pressing “Add to Classroom.” select the next assignment.

Note that the assignments are posted as a draft. View them on Classroom to edit and post.

Grading Categories and Rubrics

Unfortunately Grading Categories and Rubrics are not part of the API for Classroom. What that means, is that while I can code several aspects of Google Classroom, these elements I can not. Nor can any other 3rd party application. Add the grading categories and rubrics when posting the assignment.

Use Google Sheets for Rubrics

I highly recommend creating your rubrics in Google Sheets. It is easier. You can save them in Google Drive and organize them in a wise way. You can easily share the rubrics since they are simply a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Try out my Google Sheets rubrics templates. They are much easier to build rubrics and scoring guides than inside of Google Classroom.

Schoolytics Home Page

The home page on Schoolytics has been recently updated. Check out how it helps you to be more productive using Google Classroom.

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