Creating copies creates a giant mess of your Google Drive. I understand the reason we copy an entire Google Classroom class but I warn you this is a BAD IDEA. This copies EVERYTHING in every assignment, including videos, directions documents, things you are collaborating on. How many copies of your syllabus do you need? ONLY ONE!! Copies are BAD! Every single copied video and screenshot lives in your Google Drive. What a mess!

Reuse Multiple Assignments at Once

With Google Apps Script you are able to code Google Classroom. One of the things I am able to do is pull up a list of assignments from a previous class, update the descriptions, and reuse more than one at a time.

Reuse Google Classroom Assignments

I created this Add-on to allow you to reuse assignments from Google Classroom. Start with the Add-on template:


  • Start by making a copy of
  • Wait for the code to load. Use the Add-on menu and choose “Reuse GC” and show the sidebar. Authorize the code.
  • Click on Setup from the sidebar.
  • Checkbox your CURRENT class.
  • Click Set Class
  • After setting the class, the destination class will have a green row.
  • Select the class you want to REUSE from.
  • Use the sidebar to “Get Assignments.”
  • Choose “List Assignments.”
  • This will create a list of the assignments from the class checked on the “Class” tab.
  • For assignments, edit the title and description in the spreadsheet if desired.
  • Checkbox the assignmentS (you can do more than one at a time) that you want to reuse to your current class.
  • In the sidebar (or go to the Add-on menu and choose Create Assignments) select “Reuse Assignments.”
  • You will be prompted if you want to post them as a draft. Say yes if you do. No if you just want them to go live.

Note: Currently Google Apps Script does not allow me to code materials or grading categories or rubrics.


This Add-on is a Google Sheets Add-on. It helps you manage your class from the spreadsheet. You can create assignments from the spreadsheet and you can reuse assignments from other classes from the spreadsheet. Note: only assignments that are generated from the spreadsheet can be auto scored using the automate option.


Note: I have since updated the Add-on to be “Reuse GC” instead of “GC Level Up Game”

Add on menu show sidebar

After checking a different class, check a class to list assignments. Click on list assignments in the sidebar

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