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Pear Deck: Project to Student Devices

PearDeck is an easy way to make your Google Slides or PowerPoint presentations interactive. You can project to student devices. pesrdeck
Pear Deck Present to Student Slides
Pear Deck: Project to Student Devices
Pear Deck Present to Student Slides

Pear Deck for Interactive Presenting

Pear Deck is an awesome company with very fun pear graphics. But they are more than great graphic design, Pear Deck brings interactivity to your Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations.

Join Pear Deck

Reduce Look at Me

I am into student-centered classrooms. My eduwish is to eliminate the front of the room. When students have individual devices it is easier to have your technology point at students rather than point to the front of the room. Pear Deck allows you to choose a presentation tool (Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint) and have students join the presentation. The slides appear on their screen as you progress through the slides.

Upgrade for 90 Days

Try out peardeck.com with a 90 day instead of 30 day trial to premium features. Basic features are always free.

Add Interactivity

In addition to showing the slides on the student devices you can push interactive questions to students.

Replacing the slide in the presentation, student see a screen that allows them to drag, draw, vote, or respond.

This information comes back to you to help guide a more interactive lesson.

pesrdeck 3 dots more options menu.

Google Slides

The Add-on for Google Slides is free and does not require a Pear Deck login. Go to the Add-on menu in Slides and search for Pear Deck. The Add-on allows you to build interactive Google Slides templates for students.


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