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Teach Math Remotely with Pear Deck

Teaching Math remotely with pear deck

Stacey Roshan is the master of teaching math. I was going to put “with Pear Deck” but she’s an awesome math teacher so I just want to end the period after the word math. She teaches both face to face math and an online AP Calculus class. Now that she is remote learning with all classes she can tell you it is NOT the same. Pear Deck is one of her tools to help her continue to connect with her students and provide high quality math instruction.

Stacey did a webinar the other day to show how she uses Pear Deck with her online students. I thought it was super helpful and asked if I could just post it here:

Pear Deck

Pear Deck is a presentation tool designed for interactivity. There is both teacher paced and self paced modes. Stacy has a Getting Started video if you’ve never used Pear Deck before.

Tech with Heart

Check out Stacey’s book “Tech with Heart.” Stacey is so awesome to always give freely of her time and resources. I’m sure you’ll love her book and she would love the support.

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