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Going Back with Google Forms, Jamboard, and Student Engagement


This August I will be doing THREE free webinars with Otis. Check them out on the Otis Calendar and register!

Registration is FREE. If you are unable to make the session you will have access to the recording afterwards if you are registered.

Tuesday, 8/17, 1:30 PM ET 
Back to School with Google Forms 

Google Forms is the greatest thing since sliced bread. You know the basics of creating a Google Form but what else can you do to leverage the learning power and student engagement elements of Google Forms. Let’s go over how to reuse your Google Forms from last year. Why and how to use Branching Forms. Join Alice Keeler to start the school year off right by upping our Google Forms game! 

Tuesday, 8/24, 3 PM ET
Teaching with Google Jamboard 

Google Jamboard Jams are free web-based files that lives in your Google Drive. If you are not already using Google Jamboard, you will want to add this to your teaching toolbox. Join Alice Keeler for this session, which is an intro for teachers on how to use Google Jamboard app in the classroom. It will  cover everything from the basics of how to navigate to lessons/activities you can use today! Alice will also cover some important pedagogical considerations to help you know when and how to use Jamboard. Some participants in the live session will receive a copy of Alice’s new book, “Teaching with Google Jamboard,” which contains over 90 teaching ideas and comes with sample “Jams” that you can use to help guide you and your students toward greater proficiency with Jamboard. \

Tuesday, 8/31, 3 PM ET
Measuring Student Engagement with Google Classroom 

Join Alice Keeler for this special Google Classroom session on how to get simple reporting for teachers that will save time and better support students. You will see how Google Classroom data can be used to track patterns in student engagement and performance over time, identify students disengaged from learning, and more! 

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