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Try FigJam by Figma - It is Free

🪦 Google Jamboard has been added to the Google Graveyard. 

I recommend you use FigJam by Figma instead, it is free! 

First go to figma.com/education to verify you are an educator to get a free upgrade. 

Then go to figjam.new to start a new collaboration digital whiteboard. 

You can find free templates at figma.com/@education

How to use Jamboard with Students

Jamboard is an amazing tool for collaborative digital whiteboarding by Google. Its ability to enable students to learn together, whether they—or their teachers—are in person or remote, working at the same time or asynchronously, tremendously improves student engagement and learning. Alice Keeler has many resources for teachers on how to use Google Jamboard effectively for student centered teaching.


What is Jamboard?

Jamboard is Google’s version of a digital whiteboard. It is a Google document like Docs, Sheets, and Slides. It can be created and shared in Google Drive. Like all Google documents it is collaborative.

What is Google Jamboard used for?

Jamboard is a collaborative Google document that is intended to be used as a digital whiteboard. Jams allow for handwriting and collaborating on the document. Students and educators can use it together to sketch out their thinking, share ideas, add images, and draw, all from the ease of their own devices. Most importantly, all of this can – and should – be done collaboratively in Jamboard.

What is a Jam?

A Jam is a free file type created for Jamboard. You do not need a Jamboard Kiosk to create and use Jams.

Resources on Google Jamboard for Teachers

Book on Google Jamboard for Teachers

Purchase on Amazon or Barnes & Noble

New Book!

Teaching with Google Jamboard: 50+ Ways to Use the Digital Whiteboarding Tool

In this book, Alice Keeler and Kimberly Mattina have put together a comprehensive guide for teachers using Google Jamboard in your classroom, covering everything from the basics of how to navigate the tool to lessons and activities you can use today to important pedagogical consider-ations to help you know when and how to use it.

Each of the 90+ teaching ideas here comes with at least one sample Jam that you can use to help guide you and your students toward greater proficiency with Jamboard—and as the basis for your lessons.


Google Jamboard Playlist

This playlist is a great resource of videos where Alice explores the App and how it can be used by teachers and students.

YouTube video
Award Students Badges in Google Jamboard
YouTube video
5 Features of Google Jamboard
YouTube video
Adding Jamboard Whiteboard to Google Meet
YouTube video
Use Jamboard and record work with Screencastify and submit video to Google Classroom


YouTube video
Let’s Jam: Using Jamboard in Google Meet

Google Meet now integrates Jamboard Whiteboards. This webinar takes a look at how to use Jamboard and suggestions for using it with students in a video meeting.

YouTube video
Class Discussion with Google Jamboard

In this webinar Alice shares how you can use Google Jamboard when you are teaching students and want to have a class discussion.

YouTube video
Jamboard Create Games

Jamboard can make a great platform for playing games. In this webinar Alice looks at some tips for successfully creating a game out of a Jam.

YouTube video
Version History Your Bestest Friend

Version history is now in Google Jamboard. In this webinar Alice talks about version history and how it is similar and different than other Google Apps.

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Alice Keeler - Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

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